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Little Grange show off their Forest School skills to visiting NQT’s

A group of Little Grange children had a fantastic opportunity to display many of the Holme Grange Learning Habits this afternoon to visiting NQT’s.

The children came alive with their first chance to explore the stream at Forest School. You could see their self confidence increase as they began to assess and take risks, explore and make choices and work cooperatively with their friends.

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We all got very wet and muddy but had a great time.  Even the NQT’s got in on the act and all left with muddy faces.


Odds Farm

Stroking the Funny bunnies was the first activity of the morning followed by feeding the sheep and goats.




After lunch we had time for a play on the tractors and in the park.



We waved the first group of on the Tractor ride and we waited patiently for our turn!


Before we left we had time to feed the pigs. Kate had 12 piglets recently!!! That takes some looking after!!


A super day was had by all, thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to help.

What do you think pigs like to eat?

Have you been to Odds Farm?


Odds Farm

And we’re off!

dscn0664 dscn0666


Time for a quick drink and biscuit.


Then on to funny bunnies….

dscn0683 dscn0684 dscn0686 dscn0687

Moving on to feed the sheep and goats.

dscn0702 dscn0703 dscn0714 dscn0715 dscn0716 dscn0719

Future farmers?

dscn0724 dscn0725 dscn0727 dscn0730 dscn0732 dscn0733

Feeding the animals made us hungry.

dscn0736 dscn0737

Time to play….

dscn0738 dscn0740 dscn0742 dscn0757 dscn0758 dscn0759 dscn0764 dscn0765

Tractor and trailer ride.

dscn0748 dscn0750 dscn0762

A few of the animals….

dscn0746 dscn0747 dscn0769 dscn0771 dscn0774 dscn0754

What a wonderful day we had.  The Little Grange children were fabulous and extremely well behaved. Your teachers are proud of you.  Thank you also to our parent helpers.  We couldn’t do it without you. Hope you enjoyed your day too.

dscn0778 dscn0776

What a long and tiring day!

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Cooking day

rsz_1dsc00553[1] rsz_dsc00556[1] Today was cooking day in Little Grange and the children made delicious Gingerbread boys and girls. The children weighed the ingredient’s, mixed, rolled out and used cutters to make a boy or a girl.

“I love cooking” exclaimed one very excited member of Little Grange!!






rsz_dsc00562[1] rsz_dsc00566[1]

rsz_dsc00567[1] rsz_dsc00568[1] Using the cutters to create our Gingerbread boys and girls!

I hope they tasted yummy!

Who would like a Gingerbread boy or girl next Friday?

Chicks and ducklings

Little Grange were very lucky to have a second visit to the chicks and ducklings this afternoon. We had a little bit more time today to see the birds close up. We talked about what was the same and what was different between the ducks and chicks.  The children observed that both birds had feathers but the duckling’s toes were stuck together, unlike the chicks. Can you think of any other similarities or differences?

img_1521 (2) img_1522 (2) img_1529 (2) img_1530 (2) img_1535 (2) img_1536 (2)



This afternoon we took the children to the TLC Hub for some problem solving, cooperation and collaboration. They had to work out how they could balance the wooden see-saw. Maddie took charge with her ideas to how to make the see-saw balance. Some children had the idea that standing up may help.

How do you think we did? What could we do next time?


dsc00522 (2)   dsc00521