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More cooking scones

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“It feels sprinkley with only the flour and it feels squidgy with the butter and flour,” announced Poppy.

“It smells like crumbs,” said Sonny.

“It feels squidgy and porridge,” said Isabella

“It’s like scrunchy milk,” said Sonny.

Weekly news

Week beginning 23rd June 2014

This term our theme is The Five Senses!
Communication and Language

The children have enjoyed playing an animal and home sounds detective’s game. The children had to decide what the sound was and how or what the sound was made by. It was more tricky than it sounds without picture clues!

The children have been using their writing books to practice number formation. They have also enjoyed playing a listening game.

I Spy Table.

We have a sound of the week and we encourage the children to bring an item from home to display on our I spy table for the week.
Next week our sound focus will be reviewing each child’s sound recognition.
The following week is as follows;”
30/6/14 “tr”


In our focused sessions the children have been playing a football game which encouraged the children to write numerals.

Expressive Arts and Design

The children have been creating collages using a range of materials!

The role play areas are always very popular; this term we have a rainforest in the outdoor area and a hairdresser indoors.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Our weekly focus is on thinking about friendships.

Forest School and Cooking

Forest school sessions will be run on alternate Thursday afternoons and a Friday morning to accommodate all the children in Little Grange. As previously the children will attend Forest School one week and then cook the following week. Please ensure that the children have adequate clothing and wellington boots are compulsory for their Forest School sessions.

Cooking – scones

Forest School- climbing, clambering and balance water investigation

Nursery Blog

Please look at our Blog we are updating it frequently!

There is a competition each week for the best Blog so please vote for us!

Next week will be a very busy one as we prepare for Sports Day and our Shakespeare performance; we have rehearsals throughout the week!

Please feel free at any time to talk to myself, Mrs Farrah, Mr Brombley, Mrs Short or Mrs De Souza.

The nursery team J

Our Sense of smell

This week the children have been using their sense of smell to smell a variety of foods and drinks, They have described what it smells like and what they think they are smelling.

rsz_dsc00710[1] “This smells like tea, my mummy drinks tea”

rsz_dsc00712[1]“This smells like lemon, I use lemon juice to make banana bread”

rsz_dsc00714[1] “this smells like sugar”


rsz_dsc00717[1] “this smells like a potion”

rsz_dsc00720[1]“this smells like ginger”

We had lots of different ideas to what we thought we could smell.

“This smells like crisps” Cecily said after smelling onion.

“I don’t like onion, it is orrible” Emily S proclaimed!

What are your favourite food smells?


Thank you to all the parents who turned up this morning for our singing concert. It was a great turnout and we hope you all enjoyed it.

Emily said, “It was so so nice to sing to all the Mummy’s and Daddy’s.”