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Many of our Little Grange pupils will be leaving nursery for the last time today before embarking on a new era in Reception. we will miss you all and look forward to seeing you all in your school uniforms.

We wish each and everyone of them well and thank you the parents for all your support over the past year.

We also wish Mrs Farrar well as she moves to join Reception for the next academic year, we are delighted that she has at long last learned her numbers to 20 and her phonic sounds! Mrs Farrar we will miss you very much.

The nursery team wish you all a happy summer holiday! xx 🙂


Birthday Celebrations!

As the term draws to a close we are enjoying celebrating two birthdays today.

A big Happy Birthday wish goes out to Emily and Tom on their 4th birthday!!


We all sang Happy Birthday to Emily and then to Tom before enjoying some delicious cake and homemade chocolate cookies!

Little Grange picnic

Thank you to all the parents who turned up to support sports day and our picnic.  It was lovely to see so many of you.  We are all so incredibly proud of  our children for their fantastic participation in sports day and very proud of all our parents who entered in to it too! We have had an amazing year in Little Grange and hope you have all enjoyed being able to see a small amount of the children’s learning through the blog. Thank you again for joining us today.

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Sensory Room

As part of our 5 senses investigation the children have spent time in the sensory room. Here they have been challenged to find items that make a sound, provide light and have an interesting texture.

Each child has then described to their group why they have chosen the item and how it works.

DSCF0373 “This makes a bell noise the bells go to the bottom with a crash!”


DSCF0380 “This goes pop like Rice krispies!”


“The plastic bits bump and make a noise like the rain sticks!”

Would you like to explore in our sensory room?


Garden Kitchen

The garden kitchen has been very busy as the children have been baking a range of cakes. The cooks have whipped up some delicious cookies and cupcakes!

DSCF0390They have also cooked grass and daisy soup, grass tea and a delicious range of ice creams!

DSCF0386 I wonder what you would have made?