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Oliver’s vegetables.

This week’s ‘Communication and Language’ small group activity involved the children listening to the story ‘Oliver’s vegetables’. It is about a boy whose idea of eating vegetables was confined to potato chips, until he visited his grandparents, who had a lovely vegetable patch. He ended up having a different vegetable every day of the week and this inspired the children to share their opinion on the different vegetables in the book, except for rhubarb, which no one had heard of!

We then visited our local greengrocer’s, conveniently located on site. The children were fascinated with the range of vegetables on display, particularly the artichokes, although they didn’t believe me when I said that the artichokes had a ‘heart’! The most impressive part of this activity was that every child had a favourite vegetable, which included cauliflower and spinach.image image image

News for this week 26th January

Week Beginning 26th January 2015

Welcome to our weekly news.

What a week we have had the highlight of which must have been the arrival of snow! The inspection is now complete and I am proud and delighted to say that all the children demonstrated their knowledge of the Holme Grange Way. They certainly were a credit to the school.

Please access Tapestry our new on line profile system, thank you to those parents who have already responded with some very positive comments and their delight.

Please find below a summary of the main focused activities that have taken place.

Communication and Language

The focus over the past week has been encouraging the children to discuss and be introduced to a range of vegetables through the story of Oliver’s vegetables.


The focus has been on correcting pencil grip and using markers to form letters and numbers.
The children have been creating lists using a range of mark making techniques, drawing images, emergent writing and writing a full list of words. Hemispheres writing program is helping the children to learn an action which leads into the writing of each letter. Have you heard about Harriet the cow and Georgia the pig?

I spy table.

We have a sound of the week and we encourage the children to bring an item from home to display on our I spy table for the week.

There is now an I spy challenge…… can you write a list of words beginning with our sound of the week? Who will rise to the challenge this week?

This Half Term the sounds will be as follows;
2/2/15 L 9/2/15 F

In our focused sessions the children have focused on why do we need numbers and how do we use them. The children sorted a range of fruits and vegetables, compared the quantities and then were set a challenge to work out a way to record the information.
Why do we need numbers?

“Mummy can see how fast she is driving!” “So we have 3 fruits” “Mummy use them for gardening”
“On the car radio”

Understanding the World

The children have continued to learn about fruit and vegetables though their senses. The children worked in the sensory room this week with a feely box filled with a range of different fruits and vegetables. There was much excitement and some fantastic language in evidence!

Expressive Arts and Design

The children have extended their knowledge by being introduced to an artist called Archimboldo , he was renowned for creating pictures with fruit and vegetables. The children looked at examples of his work and then set to work creating their own pictures. Do look at the Blog!

Personal Social and Emotional Development- Jigsaw

This week the children have continued to think about resilience which is one of our learning habits. The children watched as one of the teachers was set a challenge which they could not meet. The children thought of ways to help and support him so that he could succeed.
The message is keep on trying you will succeed!

Forest School and Cooking

Cooking for this week – Chinese stir fry vegetables

Forest School- Monday group went to the old site with a stream the children found worms and climbed the tree. Hide and seek was a firm favourite.

Wednesday afternoon group focused on collecting water from the stream, problem solving when the buckets ended up in the water and clambering.

Our topic is for this term is fruit and vegetables.

Wellington boots and forest school clothing

Children need boots in school at all times we are out in the grounds and it is very muddy at present. Children cannot be taken to forest school if they have not got their forest school jackets and trousers.

Dates for your diary!

All dates are put on the board in the porch way and can of course be found on your term card which you receive at the beginning of each term.

Please take the time to look at our nursery blog, here you can see the children absorbed in a wide range of activities and of course find out about our activities for the week.

Please feel free to approach the staff with any questions or comments at any timeThe nursery Team

Contacting Little Grange Staff

Dear parents we are always happy to be contacted via email should you require advice or to pass on information. Please bear with us as during the day as our first priority is to the children, we will respond when we have access to the computer often at the end of the day.

Our contact emails are as follows;

Thank you.


Outdoor Learning

On Tuesday morning the children enjoyed an array of  outdoor learning experiences. The focus was on using our sense of touch through play with various materials. This proved to be very popular. One boy exclaimed “this is gonna be epic!” rsz_img_0357[1]

The channels for pouring water down were great fun, the children used jugs, cups and plastic bottles to pour.

rsz_img_0347[1]rsz_img_0348[1]rsz_img_0359[1] Teamwork and co-operation were in full force whilst carrying heavy buckets of water!


Ice cubes were investigated with comments such as “it’s freezing!”


The children worked hard on blowing bubbles.

rsz_img_0366[1]rsz_img_0353[1] mixing water and sand was thoroughly enjoyed.

Rice and pasta mixed together felt “squidgy!”

rsz_img_0372[1] Chalks were used to mark make on the fence.


What outdoor activity would you enjoy the most?

Transition room writing

This week the children have been practicing the letter formation of Harriet the cow letters.

First they all had to remind themselves of what Harriet says and how she stands on the grass and stretches up tall past the clouds, to the sky and back down to the grass again. image

“this is very tricky” image


The children was showing great interest in being Harriet the cow and making her noise, then after going over some simple yellow pens lines had a go at writing the letter themselves.

image “What letter are you doing now?”

great pencil grip….image


image “That’s in my name Mr Brombley”.


“I’m doing it Mr Brombley, look….”image



Tapestry our online Learning Journey

We have moved into the world of technology and are now logging our children’s learning on a program called Tapestry.  This is a fantastic system as it allows you as parents to access your child’s journal at any time. We welcome your comments and look forward to seeing pictures and comments of new skills achieved with you at home.

When we upload a new observation you will receive an email, please note that observations will only be uploaded when a new skill has been observed, there will not be daily uploads.

To log in you are required to enter your email address and then click the forgotten password. This ensures that only you know that password and your child’s Learning Journey remains confidential.

I hope you will be thrilled with this new venture do let me know your feelings.


The children have been learning how to compare and record  numerical data in their focused mathematical activity. The children thought about why we use numerals before selecting their favourite fruit or vegetables.

The problem was how to show how many children liked different fruits? The decision made was to sort the fruits according to type… great idea!




The he children worked together to create a bar graph and then talked about what they observed.

Can you see which fruits were most popular?




Sensory Room

This week in the sensory room we are using our sense of touch to feel the fruit and vegetables in the feely box. We have been working very hard to try and describe what we are feeling.

rsz_img_0315[1]rsz_img_0316[1] “it’s like an orange and its round, it could be apple?”

rsz_img_0317[1]rsz_img_0318[1] “soft, hard, banana!”

rsz_img_0320[1]“it’s squashy, it feels like soft”

rsz_img_0321[1]rsz_img_0322[1]“it has lots of green on it because it must be different”

rsz_img_0323[1]rsz_img_0325[1]“it feels heavy, circle” it was a mushroom

rsz_img_0327[1]“it’s cold, its squashy and it’s round”  out came a pear.


Mathematics – weighing fruit and vegetables

This week the children had an interesting time comparing and weighing fruits and vegetables. The children looked and held the various edible objects and then had fun working out what they thought may be the lightest or heaviest. We then weighed the different fruits and vegetables to see if we had worked it out correctly and for most of them we were right but there were a few surprises!

What other things could you weigh and compare?


‘Look they are the same’


‘I think this carrot will be lighter than the grapefruit’


Does this carrot weigh the same as the parsnip?

IMG_0126 IMG_0129 IMG_0131 IMG_0133  IMG_0120


‘I think this vegetable will be the heaviest!’