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Counting colours in a rainbow

Mathematics: Our weekly Mathematics group activity was very exciting this week. To start with, the children were asked if they knew how many colours there are in a rainbow. We then counted them after naming the colours sequentially. The children were then asked if they knew what a rainbow was. Impressively, many children were able to say “when it rains and the sun comes out, that’s when you see a rainbow.” When asked “but what exactly is a rainbow?” I got some lovely answers, one of which was, “some people paint the sky.” We gave this some serious consideration but decided that there probably aren’t ladders high enough to do the job! When told that it was ‘white light’ from the sun, I could see some doubt. Luckily, Mrs. Panshiker from the Science department kindly lent us some prisms. We were even more lucky that the sun shone everyday during our activity. Doubt soon turned to excitement and delight as the children used the prisms to look at ‘rainbows’ and held them up to create rainbows on the ground, walls and on paper.


imageimageimageimageOur budding physicists!



During the week some children volunteered to help make a ‘touchy, feely’ rainbow for our Sensory Room. They worked really hard and the result, I am sure you’ll agree, is spectacular!


Expressive arts and design

This week for expressive arts and design, the children have been creating their very own Elmer the patchwork elephant pictures. We have talked about the colour of Elmer and the children have said he is all the colours of a rainbow!

The children enjoyed colouring in their own Elmer pictures as well as looking through and talking about the Elmer books as a group. We have also focused on how Elmer is different from other elephants and how this introduces the concept of individuality and in our discussions the children agreed that they wouldn’t all want to be the same as each other and how it’s good to be different.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Forest School in our Back Garden

This afternoon the children were able to choose to work in the garden or in our new Forest School. The addition of a third  site at Little Grange has opened up an amazing new learning environment for the pupils. The learning potential is immense and will develop all 7 areas of learning. The children are taking their own learning forward and the cooperation and collaberation is a pleasure to observe.

This habitat is also now the day time home for our goats, the delight on the faces of the children is a joy to behold and in return we now have two very happy goats!

image image image image image

We are so very lucky, what do you think?


Colour Hunt

The colour hunt is on! Each morning a new challenge is set to search Little Grange for objects of the chosen colour for that morning. We listened to the instructions well and set of for a hunt. Can you name everything we found?


image   imageimage



image  imageimage




image Guess how many blue items we found?imageDid we find more blue or yellow items around nursery? What do you think?



We are concentrating on mark making and holding pencils and pens correctly. The children moving to Reception are working hard on their cursive writing. Here are the children focusing on the formation of the letters in their names.



We are looking very grown up sitting at the tables in the Transition classroom!

what can you write?

New Forest School Site

We are the first group of children to explore the new site!IMG_0927 The goats came to join us.IMG_0928 IMG_0930 IMG_0931 The site is very large and we felt a little unsure at first.IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0938 IMG_0939

IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0945It was not too long before we were all off exploring and enjoying the challenges that a new environment brings!

We are so lucky to have 3 sites, this one is just behind our nursery, would you like to come and join us?



This week the children have been making rainbow biscuits using their favourite colours. The children measured the ingredients to make a biscuit dough and then added their favourite colours to separate portions before combining together once more and rolling out for cutting and cooking. The results were individually different rainbow coloured biscuits that the children had created but that all agreed had one thing in common – they tasted yummy!

image image image   image  image image




A Community Morning in the Little Grange New Forest Site

As the sun broke through and the rain clouds cleared a band of parents began arriving to help Mrs Fifield prepare the new site. Mr and Mrs Robinson had enlisted the help of our school goats, they were quite at home nibbling away and testing out the stability of some of the logs and tree trunks.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image


After a refreashment break the team worked on.

image image

By by the ends of the morning there was an amazing transformation and the Forest School site looked ready for the children to explore!





A huge heartfelt thank you to all the parents and staff who freely gave of their time today to support me in my development of Forest School. There was undoubtably the Holme Grange spirit shared by all today.