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Our farm trip

image  On our recent trip to the farm the children enjoyed a brilliant and informative tractor ride,
image   They met the local deer family and learnt where they originated from  image   image   We had the opertunity to hold a real antler.image   image     The children showed great courage when they had a chance to feed the deer too.  image  Right at the end of the tractor ride we had to be really quiet so that we could see a One DAY old baby deer laying by the fence. image
image image After the tractor ride we had a tour of the farm and its wildlife, we got to feed the goats, and meet a four week old baby goat, ( he had really long ears)  image image     image      image
image We met some sheep, cows, donkeys and some really friendly ponies.
image image image A few children were brave enough to hold the guinea pigs and rabbits in pet corner. image
image image

image image image

image   We had a few tired children on the way back. image

Our Week 18th May 2015

 Week Beginning 18th May 2015


Our weekly news.


We went to Bucklebury Farm on Friday and had a lovely day there. The children loved seeing the animals and birds and were able to hold and feed many of them. Please take time to look at the blog to see more of our day.

A huge heartfelt thank you to all the parents who came with us and made this experience for the children possible.


Animals will be our topic for the final weeks of term.



Please find below a summary of the main focused activities that have taken place.


Communication and Language


The focus this week encouraged the children to describe a black and white picture from Frozen and to then present them with a coloured version to talk about. We thought about how difficult it was to describe the black and white version and how much easier it was to describe the coloured picture.




The children have enjoyed listening to some Topsy and Tim stories.


There is a continual focus on correcting pencil grip and using markers to form letters and numbers. Those children moving to Reception are being encouraged to write their names in cursive letters independently.


I spy table.


We have a slightly different focus for the next 5 weeks. We are challenging the children to write their names in cursive script, write a short sentence or list of rhyming words.





This week the children have been sorting items according to shades of colours being either dark or light.



Understanding the World


The children have been thinking about colours in the natural environment.



Expressive Arts and Design


The children have been creating chalk pictures of animals.


Personal Social and Emotional Development- Jigsaw


This half term in Jigsaw the children are learning about relationships. This week we talked about the expected behaviour when on a school trip.


Forest School and Cooking


Cooking for this week – none


Forest School-

Monday- the children explored different places and found areas to shelter from the rain. They found places where the rain dripped through the canopy and places where the rain water had made a puddle.

Wednesday –The children also went to the stream site where they enjoyed dabbling in the stream and mixing paint to paint their faces.




Wellington boots and forest school clothing


Children need boots in school at all times we are out in the grounds and it is very muddy at present. Children cannot be taken to forest school if they have not got their forest school jackets and trousers.


Preparation for moving to Reception


This term we will be working with our key children in a group situation rather than on a one to one. The Transition classroom will be used to make the session much as it will be in Reception in September. We hope this along with visits from the reception teachers who will take the children for lessons again in the transition classroom will be beneficial. Home learning will still come home each week.


Dates for your diary!


The booking form for Parents’ Evening will be in the porch way from Monday. Please sign up against a time with your Childs Key person.


June 5th Trip to the theatre to see Room on the Broom , an afternoon performance.


All dates are put on the board in the porch way and can of course be found on your term card which you receive at the beginning of each term.


Please take the time to look at our nursery blog, here you can see the children absorbed in a wide range of activities and of course find out about our activities for the week.

Please continue to access Tapestry our new on line profile system, thank you for the enthusiastic response to Tapestry.

Please be aware that if your child is part of a group photo any comment you may post will be visible to the parents of the other children.



Please feel free to approach the staff with any questions or comments at any time.

The nursery Team


photos continue….

imageimageimageimage imageimage








Lunch was then truly needed after the farm yard tour, the children absolutely loved seeing and feeding all the animals. After our yummy lunches the children embarked on the yellow slides, whizzing down on the mats!

imageThe children had some free time to explore the park. image imageimage












It was all to much for most of the children as we said goodbye to Bucklebury and headed back to school.


image image image


image   What a wonderful day out, the children were super stars. A huge thank you to our parent helpers, this trip is never possible without your help.

We hope you all slept well, Mrs Short certainly did! Have a great half term.




Bucklebury Farm

Friday morning 46 very excited children, staff and our wonderful band of parent helpers all headed for the farm for Little Grange’s big school trip. On arrival we placed our backpacks on the lunch tables and Mrs Short’s team headed to the tractor trailer ride whilst Mrs Fifeld and her team went on a farm yard tour.

image  imageimage

image  image image


Kevin the farmer told us all about the deer, how to feed them and we even had the chance to hold some antlers, boy were they heavy!

image   image image




The children did a super job feeding the deer.

image  image   image



We thanked Kevin and then headed for our farm yard tour with Georgia. We met sheep, Alpaca, Llamas, a beautiful peacock, rabbits, pigs, cows, rabbits, pigs, goats and guinea pigs.

Cuddles were clearly enjoyed by the children whilst holding the guinea pigs. Courage and self belief were on show.

image  image imageimage




image  image







Bucklebury Farm

The air of excitement was electric as the children arrived this morning! Backpacks were bursting with delicious goodies and of course the odd rain jacket packed by the less optimistic parents!

The children boarded the bus and once on our way were heard to sing a rendition of The Wheels on the Bus amongst other favourites. There was some rain as we travelled but Mrs Fifield remained optimistic that the day would be dry. Parents were waiting for us and appeared as image  imageexcited as their children, we divided into two teams, Mrs Fifield team b and Mrs Short team a.

The fun was about to unfold, Mrs Shorts team headed for the tractor trailer ride whilst my team were off to meet the animals!



Wow what a range of animals team a met! Then we walked up the hill and down again to reach the play area.

image On our way up the hill.

A little play time before lunch.


image Up we go! imagethrough the rabbit warren.imageimageimageTaking a risk!

imageA future farmer in the making?imageimageimageimageimageimage

Where shall we go?

Lunch time was well earned.

image image


The he children behaved perfectly as they delved into their lunches and compared the contents with their friends.

An exciting tractor trailer ride to see the beautiful deer was our next event. The children were able to hand feed the deer and to hold an antler !

image image image image image We learnt all about the deer.image image image image imageFeeding the deer was amazing.

What an amazing day we had, I was proud to take 46 children to the farm and to see them showing everybody how well behaved they are, the Holme Grange Way certainly shone through.

A very special thank you to the band of 16 brave parents who came to help and to make our trip possible. I think there were 16 very tired parents, not to mention 46 exhausted children!


This week the children have been working together to construct different models using sticklebricks. They demonstrated great teamwork and collaboration whilst sharing their ideas and working together. Of course, the children’s imaginations were very creative and we constructed everything from a colourful road to a bear house, to a princess house and even a nice birthday cake!

what would you make?

image image image image image image image image image image image image

The mixed-up Chameleon

Understanding the World: This week, the children listened to the tale of a mixed up chameleon. Inspite of having the amazing ability of making itself inconspicuous by changing its colour to match its surroundings, this particular chameleon felt small and insignificant. Things got worse when he saw a zoo and started wishing he could be like the animals he saw – tall like a giraffe, good looking like a flamingo, strong like an elephant, etc. As it happened,  his wishes started coming true but nothing seemed to make him happy. Eventually he got hungry but by now he was so mixed up, he couldn’t do something as simple as catching a fly! Desperate with hunger, he wished he could be a proper chameleon again and lo and behold, his wish was granted. The Chameleon and all the other animals – except for the flies – lived happily ever after!

image image



Communication and Language

Do you remember black and white television? The days before computers and DVD’s? I took the children back to a world without colour and asked them to talk about a pictureimage from Frozen. IT proved very enlightening as the children were intent on sharing their knowledge of the film and of course including plenty of comments on the colour of Hair, eyes and dresses. When I drew the children’s attention to the fact that we could not tell this from the picture they found it difficult to find very much to say. However when I produced a colour version they discussion flowed!


Which picture would you have chosen?


Transition room

Harriet cow and Georgia pig letters are the focus for writing this week in the transition classroom. The children are practising the physical moves first then settle down to write them on the guided lines from hemisphere. The children are being encouraged to hold the pencil correctly and to independently write the letters.

image  image