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Understanding the world – floating and sinking

This week the children have been testing what different objects do when they are put in the water.                    Do they float or sink?
The children found out that if the object was heavy then it sunk to the bottom but if it was light it floated. After testing the initial objects, the children chose different objects from the outdoor area that they wanted to try.

what other objects could you test?

image image “The boat floats”

image image

image image “Look it is touching the bottom”

image “These objects float”

image “These objects sink”

image image


EAD traffic lights


This week the children created a traffic light, and had the opportunity to paint the colours in the correct order. The children painted paper plates then cut them in half, they then painted the colours in the order they thought was correct on a strip of paper and then stuck the paper plate halves on to the top and bottom of the paper strip.

This was helped by most of the children remembering the traffic light rhyme from previous group times


image      “I’ve nearly finished my painting”       image     The children were encouraged to hold the paint brushes like they would hold a pencil to help them with control how the paint.            image                            image      “My plate is a circle”.

image      “Red goes at the top for stop”.   image                                 image       The children was demonstrating good sharing by taking it in turns to do the painting with one colour and then passing it around.                             image “Green goes at the bottom because it means go!”

How can you make a traffic light?


This week we have been counting our claps and our jumps to help us understand that anything can be counted, not only objects.


The children counted their claps from one to ten as a group and went on to individually jump from hoop to hoop and where able counted their jumps in big loud voices. I wonder what else the children can count at home?

image image image image

Understanding the World

This week we are focusing on how different modes of transports travel. The children are shown a selection of transport pictures and we discuss whether they travel by land, sea or in the air. The children then have to place the picture in the correct area according to how it travels.

image “I’ve been on a bus”

“I went to Greece on an aeroplane”

Which is your favourite mode of transport?


Traffic Light Games

As part of our focus on transport, we have been learning about the colours used in traffic lights and the meaning of each. The children have learnt a traffic light song and played a traffic light game to help them understand what we do if we see a red, amber or green light.  The children enjoyed pretending to be cars going around the playground, freezing on the spot for red, doing star jumps for amber and running around for green.


The children went on to create their own transport games riding the cars, bikes and scooters, using the toy traffic lights to decide if the lights were on red or green and instructing their friends if they could go or had to stop. Great fun was had by all!









What an exciting end to a busy week.

image image image imageWe have had another super week in nursery. The children are really beginning to adopt the Holme Grange Way and are showing understanding of the boundaries set in nursery.

I hope you are enjoying seeing all the group learning sessions posted on our blog and of course the Tapestry observations.

Today many of our children  came resplendent in costumes from many different countries. We thought that Reuben, Vedansh and Manya looked amazing in their national costumes! We attended assembly and then stood on the main field with the sun shining and a clear blue sky to watch the balloon release. 70 years of Holme Grange School and so we are now all part of the schools history!

Next week the sound of the week will be T.



Traffic Light Biscuits

The children have been making traffic light biscuits this week. They enjoyed using their fairy fingers to rub-in, showed some good control as they mixed the ingredients and loved cutting out their biscuits and adding fruit pastilles for the coloured lights.  We used our maths skills to work out how many holes we needed to cut for the lights. image image image image image image image

Transport Memory Game

This week the children have been playing a memory game to develop their listening and communicating skills. They were all very keen to see what was inside Mrs. Wooster’s sparkly box and were not disappointed to find various transport vehicles inside it! The children closed their eyes while one vehicle was removed from the tray. A child was selected to try and identify which vehicle was missing. Some children required their friends to give them some hints. “It goes fast,” “it’s got a bit of gold on it and it’s black” and “it’s red and white” we’re just some of the clues given.  Some children had great observation skills and immediately recalled which vehicle was missing! imageimage Continue reading