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Looking Forward to November

I hope you are all enjoying a break and that the children are refuelling their batteries after a super first few weeks at school.

The build up to Christmas will be very busy with plenty of activities already planned. We have the in house poetry competition , keep working on our prom please, Friday 6th November we will be joining Reception for an Early Years Physical activity morning and then we begin our celebrations. We will be celebrating Bonfire Night and explaining the story behind the bonfire lighting and firework display. Then we will focus on the festival of Diwali on the 11th November with the help of Rubén’s dad and Channan’s grandmother. On the same morning we will join with the main school for a service of remembrance.  Later in the term the children will learn about American Thanks Giving and Christmas.

Each Wednesday we will be attending an extra music lesson at 8-35 am I would appreciate your help in ensuring children are in nursery by 8-30am thank you.

I Spy Challenge.

The order of letters will be as follows, N, c and K , E, H, R.

Angel Costumes.

Please let me know if you need any assistance with a costume.

Forest School Waterproofs and Wellington Boots.

Children must have these at school all week, we use them for discovery walks and water activities and of course Forest School.

If you have any old pots or pans I would be grateful if you could donate them to Forest School as I am building a mud kitchen! Thank you.

Extending Nursery Attendence.

Please let me know during the week of 2 of November if you wish to add more sessions. The nursery is very popular and places in the morning are now full. I can still offer afternoon session at the moment.

I look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 2nd November.

Little Grange Step Out For Charity

The  sky was grey, the rain clouds gathered and then decided to water the earth. Undeterred the children in Little Grange put on their school waterproofs and Wellington boots and set off on a long hike. There were rivers of excited voices and squeals of delight as we jumped in the puddles, squelched throught the mud and jumped in the piles of autumn leaves.


After 1.3 miles we made it back to Little Grange ! We were wet, a little bit tired and ready for a snack. Fortunately the cakes we had baked yesterday were all ready for us along with a drink and some healthy fruit.

Well done to all the children who did so very well in the true Holme Grange Way!

Cake Making

The children had lots of fun this morning baking their own cake for the cake sale tomorrow in aid of Our Lady of Nazareth School in Nairobi, Kenya. They used their maths skills to help weigh all the ingredients and explored what happened to the mixture as they added different ingredients resulting in exclamations of “it’s all gooey and sticky” and “it’s thick.”  The children developed their hand and arm muscles as they mixed the ingredients and all took turns beautifully. Perhaps we might have some chefs in the making?

image image image image image image image image image

Fun Visiting Horatio and Goliath

The children had a fun morning exploring the grounds at Holme Grange. For some children it was their first introduction to Horatio and Goliath, our two resident Pygmy goats and there was much excitement when Mrs. Fifield came out of the pen with one of the goats for the children to interact with.  The children were invited into the chicken pen to search for eggs, unlucky for us we didn’t find any this time. They were fascinated to see the different types of chickens at Holme Grange.  As we walked back through the grounds some children spotted a squirrel scampering through the trees and we could see lots of pheasants in the neighbouring field. The morning was topped off with a visit to the adventure playground where the children could practice their climbing and moving skills. A great morning was had by all!image image image image image image image image image image image

Where else can you find to explore this half term?

What do children in Asian countries eat for lunch?

We are continuing our study of life in Asian countries by finding out what children might be eating for lunch. Using a power point presentation the children have looked at typical meals for children in China, Japan, India, Thiland, Indonesia and Singapore. There has been plenty of discussion about the fish soup where the head of the fish remains in tact, the huge array of little dishes used in Indian cooking and the small bowls replacing our typical dinner plates. The children remarked on the use of hands and chop sticks which they found amusing. Perhaps it reflects our constant insistence that our children should use their knives and forks!

image image image

We also shared a book all about meals around the world before deciding which meals the children preferred.



Little Grange Car Wash

Inspired by our transport theme, the children have been running their own car wash.  I was tempted to bring my car over from the car park as they were doing such a great job.  There were lots of smiles and giggles as the children had great fun washing the cars, encouraged to wash using big circular movements with the sponges and an up and down motion with the paintbrushes. As they played they worked at developing their muscles in their shoulders, arms and hands, essential for the development of mark making and writing skills.  Even reluctant mark makers could not help but get involved! Some children went on to explore mark making numbers or letters on the playground sheds.

imageimage image image image  image image

What else can the children find to wash or paint at home?

Transport graphs

This week for mathematics group time we are focusing on making graphs. We talked about what a graph is and what it shows. The children were then given different pictures, each with a different number of cars, boats, aeroplanes and helicopters on. The children were then set the challenge to count how many of each were in their picture before putting the right number on their own graphs.

image  image image

'I have 4 cars in my picture'

‘I have 4 cars in my picture’


'There are 3 helicopters in my picture'

‘There are 3 helicopters in my picture’

'I have 2 boats and 3 cars'

‘I have 2 boats and 3 cars’



Potato sail boats

This week in the messy room we are using one of our well known vegetables to print sail boats. The children were fascinated that a potato cut in half then half again would make a boat!  The children shared resources well, taking turns and waited patiently for their turn. Colours for the boat were chosen as a group.

image image image


image image image

image What do you think of our creations?

What vegetable could you use to print out a type of transport?

Our Week 9/10/15

A super end to the week with an amazing performance of our harvest song! It is quite a big expectation for our little ones to stand in front of a large audience and sing.  They also demonstrated that they have learned to sit beautifully in the Holme Grange Way. I am very proud of them all.

Yet another busy week has passed and there are only 8 more school days left until Half term, I can’t believe how quickly and smoothly these few weeks have gone. Well done children and parents.

The children have enjoyed learning about the many different types of homes in some parts of Asia such as Indonesia, Japan, India, Singapore and Thiland. This led perfectly into our Harvest Festival theme reminding us how fortunate we are. In  the transition classroom the children made marks and wrote whist they listened to a slow and fast track of music.   There were some very imaginative designs and creations being made in the construction room, transport for the future I wonder?

In the kitchen the children made some delicious pin wheel biscuits. Whilst down in the woods the Forest School group found some mini beasts!

We are performing in the school nativity play and this year we are to be Angels. I believe we may have some costumes in our costume cupboard but if you would like to make or purchase a simple angel costume for you son or daughter that would be lovely. No wings are required.

Waterproofs For Forest School

Please ensure that the children have the school waterproofs, These are designed for warmth and durability and also allow a coat to be worn underneath in cold weather. Thank you.

Next week the sound will be P.




Transport Junk Modelling

As part of our focus on transport, the children have been making transport vehicles. We asked the children to name different types of transport and then to think about what features each vehicle had.  The children selected their own junk, explored how to create their vehicle using their own ideas and used glue to stick each part together.

image image “I’ve made a car!”image “A car wheel.”image“I’m going to make a aeroplane!”

What else can you make at home?