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Little Grange

What a hectic week with lots of rehearsals and very little time to catch our breath in the mornings! Christmas has arrived with our tree up and decorated, some lovely Father Christmas paintings, cards and calendars look quite resplendent.

This week is even busier, we have our dress rehearsal tomorrow morning and then we look forward to welcoming you all on Wednesday and Thursday to watch our nativity.

Please let me know if you require After School Care and tea on those days I need to give numbers of teas required to the kitchen.

Thursday we will go to watch the dance assembly at 8-30am please be prompt.

Friday is Christmas jumper day if you would like to participate the cost is £2

Next week on Monday and Tuesday the children are in school all day to attend the party and pantomime. Please let me know if your child is NOT attending to ensure they are ready for collection at 1pm.

We have named our rabbit Mistletoe.

Do feel free to look at all the lovely work on display in Little Grange when you drop off or collect your children.

We had a mudtastic afternoon

This afternoon the children got kitted out in their waterproofs and wellies and got to work helping Mr Brombley dig out the, not so happy looking, flowers in our flower bed. After completing that job the children happily continued to dig the soil looking for wiggly worms. They all had great fun getting very muddy!

“It’s a tiny worm”

“Look I’ve found a big wiggly worm”

image image

image image

image image


Our new music wall

 Our very own little grange band has arrived!

This afternoon the children were introduced to our new music wall in the garden. The children chose different “musical” items and helped to hang them up including a colander, a silver plate, some different sized copper pipes, a dog bowl, a small silver bucket and a large bin! The children loved working together to make music. They tried playing the different items loudly and quietly but their favourite was, of course, loudly!

“Do you like my music?”

“This one makes a banging noise”

“I can play two together”



image image


image image

image image


What would you use as a musical instrument?


Exploring Our New Waterway

This afternoon we put on waterproofs and wellies and went out to explore our waterway. We filled a bucket with water good job we had waterproofs on as we got very wet! Then the fun began .. Using a range of utensils we experimented with pouring water into tubes, bottles, funnels, beakers and a water wheel.

image image image image image image image image There was plenty of risk taking, team work, communication ,curiosity and problem solving. How can I reach? Why did the water go all down my arm?  Oh I catches it!

We had so much fun would you like to join us?

Using the sense of touch.

This week the children were using a different set of senses, touch!! They are making something special to take home at the end of term.

image “I tickles my hand”  image      image  “It tickles…”image         image           image           image  We used our sense of touch and described how things felt….

: “it’s wet” “it’s cold” “the water is warm on my toes!!”

We had a bowl full of warm soapy water to wash their feet when they had finished.

Some of the children were not ticklish at all and all really enjoyed having their feet and hands painted.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

To celebrate thanksgiving that takes place in America this week we are making thankful turkeys. The children have learned that its a national holiday that takes place and that we are thankful for the harvest. The children were encouraged to think of what they were thankful for. We had some lovely answers and some super turkey making.

imageimage image


image imageThe children wrote their words or had help onto the feathers that were then stuck to the back of the Turkey. Eyes were stuck on, beaks drawn and feet attached. Feel free to come in and see our beautiful thankful turkeys.


What are you thankful for?

Weekly News 20th November

This week we have thrown our selves into the nativity play and perfecting our Christmas songs. It has also seen the children painting Father Christmas’ and learning all about the true meaning behind Christmas.

Next week we have rehearsals almost every morning consequently we will not be sending home the homework packs. We will fit in as many group time activities as possible. Forest School sessions will not take place but we may be exploring and engaging in water activities instead.

Please ensure that that all angel costumes are in school on Monday to allow us time to check and organise the costumes for the following week. Thank you to all the parents who have already brought them in,

I Spy table will be H next week.

Absence from School

I have had several parents asking how to contact me with regard to children being unwell. There are two options open to you, I am happy for you to email me, alternatively you can telephone the school office.

Extra Sessions for January.

Thank you to those parents who have booked their extra sessions, if you would like to increase your child’s sessions please inform me by Friday 27th November. Thank You.

As always please see the blog post telling you all about our group activities this week.

On Friday we will be attending the year4assembly at8.33am

Enjoy your weekend.


Salt Dough Decorations

In our expressive art and design  activity this week the children have been learning how to twist or plait strands of dough. The first task was to form a ball by rolling the dough round and round in the palms of their hands. Second task was to roll the dough to form long sausages. The challenge then began when the children were asked to twist or plait their dough sausages!

Decorating their creations was a much easier task, the finished results looked fabulous!

image image image image image image imageH

Wait to find out what the final product will be!