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Story telling

This week the children had a go at telling Miss Lipyeat a story with the help of a story sack. They looked through the story sack and found some puppets and different pictures and they were able to identify that the story was Jack and The Beanstalk. We talked about how a story has a start, a middle and an end and then the children showed lots of cooperation as they worked together to tell different parts of Jack and the Beanstalk.

“We watched it in the hall with the older children.”

“Jack lives with his mum.”

“Jack sells His cow daisy for magic beans.”

“The beans grown into a beanstalk where the giant lives.”

image image


image image

image image

Can they tell you another story?

Weekly Update

the children have had a fun packed week as you will have seen from the blogs during the week. As always coking and Forest school have been firm favourites.

image image image image

The African drumming has also proved popular!


Our I spy table has been laden with some well thought out items, however the challenge is on for next week with the letter being o!

In our Jigsaw circle time we have been talking about challenges.

We will be attending assembly on Friday February 5th at 8-30am I was request that all children are in nursery promptly please.

Humpty Dumpty Collages

This week the children have been making their own Humpty Dumpty’s in expressive arts and design. They used their cutting skills to create the parts of Humpty Dumpty with children being challenged to persevere and cut more of the pieces where able. Shouts of “look, I did it!  rang out across nursery as children rose to the challenge.

image image


They learnt how to fold the legs in a concertina fold which some children achieved independently.


It was interesting to see what colour paper was selected by each child – there was definitely a pink theme running through with Mrs. Wooster’s group! The children enjoyed sticking on the parts and using their creative flair to add facial features to create their own Humpty Dumpty. The children were thrilled to see their Humpty Dumpty’s and felt a great sense of achievement.

image imageimage

What other cutting challenge can the children rise to?


Transition room

This week the children carried on working on their Harriet the cow letters formation, the children copied the letters and then had the opportunity to use the White board to trace over the letters using the pens whilst developing their pen grip.

image “How do I do a ‘b’?”  image                                     image ” now we need a ‘t’ “. image                image “Do you like my ‘h’ I’ve written”  image                    image ” I’ve done a h”  image image The children really concentrated and took their time to trace over the dots to make the letter they chose.  image          image          image “It goes up to the sky, down to the grass, kick and a line across the helicopter”


5 Currant Buns

This week our focused group time in maths is to sing and act out the traditional nursey rhyme 5 currant buns. This helps with shape, money concepts and vocabulary relating to takeaway.

image The children took turns to have a penny and buy a currant bun from the baker.


image Homemade currant buns!!! Not safe for eating though!!!

What other nursery rhyme do you know that has numbers in it?




Understanding the world

The children have been learning about Africa. They have been looking at different pictures, such as of children in a school room and animals on the African Plain, and they have been encouraged to think of their own ideas relating to what they can see in the picture and what they have around them. The children came up with some lovely ideas and were able to identify some of differences and similarities they could see between; how the children learn in Africa and they learnt Little Grange, the different animals, the different food they eat and the different clothes they wear.

“The children don’t have lots of toys.”

“They have a chalk board and we use the Interactive whiteboard.”

“we have meat for lunch and I think they have cereal in their bowls.”

“They wear school uniforms like we do.”

“The children are sitting on desks and stools and we sit at tables and chairs.”

“it looks like they are wearing dresses. I wear a dress to a party.”

“They are wearing African Necklaces.”


image image  image image image image image image image image


Telling the time

Our maths group activity this week has been focussed on telling the time, linking it in to Hickory Dickory Dock. The children looked at the features on the clock and noticed the numbers went from one through to twelve and they learnt a clock has two hands too which they all thought was very funny. We looked at the similarities and differences in the hands of the clock and learnt we had one little hand and one big hand. The children learnt if the time was o’clock, the little hand pointed to the number and the big hand pointed straight up to the number twelve. The children all took turns to set the clock for a different time. We spoke about why it was important to tell the time and the children did not like the idea of going to the dining hall at the wrong time and missing their lunch!

image image


Can the children show you where the hands point for bed time?



A Fun Packed Week

I hope you have enjoyed seeing all the group focused activities that the children have enjoyed taking part in this week.

We have also begun learning about life in Africa. We have looked at some of the animals who live in the grasslands and at some tribes people.

The children have been making shields and necklaces which are on display both in the nursery and in the corridor by Mrs Robinsons office. Do take time to have a look.


Pour sound of the week next week will be G.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the school all the children in the nursery have placed their thumb print on an enormous 70! This was great fun and quite time consuming as the ink used was not washable!


Making Jack and Jill’s paper crowns

This week the children were asked who wears a paper crown? The children came up with a few different answers from kings, queens and jack who broke it when he fell down the hill. The children were asked to create a crown of which jack may have worn, then the children had to cut out the shape of their crowns using scissors. image” It’s a bit hard” image “this is tricky”.    image” I’m making a kings crown” image ” my crown is like a queens crown”   image “My crown has lots of jewels on it”  image ” this feels funny, it’s a bit bumpy”  image  image “I’m cutting out a zig zag”  image image ” my crown is like a queens crown”


Writing in the Transition Room

This week in the Transition room we are concentrating on correct three fingered tripod grip on our pencils.

With our pencil grip correct we have looked at Harriet the Cow’s letters which are l, t, h, k and f.

Some of the children have focused on the up and down movements whilst others have formed the letters l and t. Once these letters are mastered children have focused on h, k and f.

for some children their focus has been on pencil pressure and making marks on the paper. image image image