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Week Ending 26th February

a big thank you to all the parents who supported the cake sale on Friday, the children certainly enjoyed the treat of cake at snack time! I am sure we will hear how much money was raised for the WWF.

Our sound of the week will be F next week let the challenge begin. Congratulations to Percy who claimed his stickers for completing the writing challenge.

a reminder that next Thursday is World Book Day and children are invited to dress up as a character from a traditional children’s story. Will you recognise the nursery teachers ?

Miss Lypeat is away next week.

Homework packs will be coming home for the next two weeks but not for the Easter Holiday. After Easter the children will begging working in a group situation as in Reception, packs will come home with a less detailed comment for you to work on at home.

There will be a Parents’ Evening next term for you to meet with your child’s teacher but as always staff are very happy to talk to you at any time.


Once Upon a Time

This week the children have enjoyed making up their own version of a Postman Pat story as they used their communication and language skills to fill in the blanks in the story. The children used their listening skills to listen to the story and to the ideas expressed by their friends. Some children thought of some great words to fill in the blanks, recalling previous parts of the story to give their ideas.


Some great humour was bought in by others with Postman Pat giving a bunch of “slugs”; “snails” and “worms” as well as a bunch of flowers! The children’s attention was held as they enjoyed pretending to call the rescue services on their mobile phones and to drive the police car as well as enacting Emma shivering as she got in her cold bath!


Expressive Art and Design

This week we are busy designing and making a very special picture. The children are drawing, cutting and sticking a range of different materials and then combining them to create a master piece!

image image

I am sure a very special person will be delighted when this wonderful creation is brought home!

Sorting Materials

Our new topic this half of term is all about materials. Our outside focused activity this week will be sorting different materials into groups. We started with some objects from inside nursery which we discussed and the children worked out what they were made of.  We had objects made of metal, wood, plastic and paper. Once these were sorted the children then looked around the front playground for objects made of various materials.



imageimage “This is wood!”

imageimageimage“This is metal”


image “This is made out of wood”

image “And this is made out of metal”

image A great mornings work locating various items made of different materials!

What type of material can you find at home that we didn’t  spot at school?


Mark making to music

This morning for group time the children listened to different types of music and did some drawing whilst they listened. The children thought about the pace of the music and were able to identify which piece was fast and which piece of music was slow. They chose whether to use crayons or coloured pencils and were able to tell me that they were drawing different patterns or marks when they heard a faster song.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Could you choose a piece of music to draw to?

What a busy Half Term we have had!

The children have been very busy exploring, learning, questioning and having so much fun that the Half term break is well deserved!

When we return our topic will be Materials, very apt with all the building works going on right outside our nursery.There are only 4 weeks before we break up for Easter so we have plenty to squeeze in to a short space of time.

Our i spy table will continue with the following sounds, L, F, B and Z. The children and parents are really beginning to think outside the box and we have had some excellent items brought in for display.

With our daily focus on cursive writing I would challenge the children to independently write some word lists or even sentences for which stickers will be awarded. Who will meet my challenge?

Thursday march 3rd is World Book Day children are being invited to dress up as a character form a traditional children’s story book. Put on your thinking caps you may meet some new teachers on that day!

I have had requests from quite a number of parents for additional afternoon places for both next Half Term and the Summer Term places are now limited as i am required to keep within my ratio of children to staff. Please email me if you are still thinking of extra sessions.

There will be 3 afternoon sessions in the reception classes during the second part of the summer term to aid the children’s transition.

Summer Outing

Our Summer outing is now booked and will take place on Friday 27th May, the day we finish for Half Term Please put this date in your diary as a full school day.

Have a super Half Term and recharge your batteries!

African Fruit

For Understanding the World this week we have been covering the story of Handa’s surprise looking at African fruits linking in to our African theme this term. The children had the opportunity of handling some unusual fruits and used their language skills to describe what the fruit looked like or felt like. “It feels smooth” observed one child and “it’s a bit heavy” observed another as they handled the mango. “It’s got different colours” and “it’s a plum” other children commented as they handled the passion fruit looking at the similarities to fruits the children have eaten before. The children enjoyed listening to the story and looking for the differences in the way of life in Africa. “She’s got it on her head” explained one child looking at Handa carrying the basket of fruit. When asked how do we carry our fruit the children replied “we use our hands or a bag” and “when we go shopping we use a shopping bag or a shopping trolley.” The children enjoyed taking a turn putting the basket on their head whilst a friend selected a piece of fruit to get an understanding of why Handa did not know the animals were taking the fruit.

image image

imageimage image image

What other African fruit can you find?


Shapes are the focus of this weeks focused activity. We are looking at the number of edges, corners and comparing them. To link in with the Chinese New Year we have used our shapes to create a  Chinese dragon face. The children enjoyed working out how to fit their shapes on the dragons face, plenty of discussion and problem solving opportunities.

“This shapes won’t fit .. But now it does I turned it sideways!”

“This has lots of sides and lots of corners   It’s not a square   What is it?”

imageimage image image

We think our dragons look ready to dance and welcome in the year of the monkey!

Painting Nursery Rhyme Pictures

This morning during our Art and Design group time the children painted some lovely pictures of their favourite nursery rhymes. We talked about different nursery rhymes we knew and then they chose which one was their favourite. They thought about the different coloured paints they would need to use for their pictures and what they were going to paint for their chosen nursery rhyme.

image image image image image image image image

'I like the grand old duke of York. That's the men climbing up the hill and then back down again.'

‘I like the grand old duke of York. That’s the men climbing up the hill and then back down again.’

'I've painted inch winch spider'

‘I’ve painted incy wincy spider’


'That's Jack up the hill'

‘That’s Jack up the hill’


Can you guess what nursery rhymes we have painted?