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What Am I?

The children had the challenge of a magic bag full of differnt items. The items were made from a range of differnt materials to link in with our topic. The challenge was to select an item and to then describe what the object might be used for.

The children had to use their imagination and their communication and language skills to share their ideas.

image image image image image image imageIdeas included; ” I think you could flip pancakes with this” ” this is a tunnel for a train”  ” I think actually it’s for looking at things through.. See like this!” ” a butterfly catcher” ” you could make a bed for a little person”

i wonder what you would use these items for?

Easter a Fun!

As another term drew to a close the children in Little Grange were joined by Reception to enjoy an Easter egg hunt. The excitement was high as the children squealed with joy ” I can see one” “Look I’ve found one”

image image image image image image image image Look what we all found !

What a great way to end a busy term .  It has been a super term the children have worked really hard with their writing, numeracy and Holme Grange Way. It is not long before many of our children will be moving up to Reception. We are working on independence in dressing and undressing, using knives and forks and being responsible for collecting all their belongings for home time.

Please make a note of the dates of our Parent’s Evening, outing to the farm, transition days to Reception and Sports Day.

May I make a plea that children arrive by 8-30am we have a very busy timetable and to complete all our planned activities we need to commence registration at 8-35am .

My team and I wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all in April.

Easter themed maths

This week the children have been doing some Easter themed maths. They have been set the challenge to see if they can choose more than one numicon piece to make the number on their Easter egg. Some children firstly picked the one numicon piece that represented the number on the egg and then used it to help them work out the other numicon pieces they could fit on top of the original numicon piece. Other children also experimented with using 3 piece of numicon to make their number.

image  image

image image

image  image image




Floating and sinking

This week the children took part in another science experiment which involved a range of different materials and they had to decide if they would float or sink.

The materials they chose from: image

Each chose two objects one that floated and one that would sink. Which materials would you choose?

image image “My shark will sink because they live under water”  image “My octopus will sink because it’s heavy”  image image “It will float because it has wheels and stick out wings”  image image                         image

image ” it’s going to sink because it’s heavy”  image

image   “Ducks float because they can swim”



We’re going on a bear hunt

This week we did something really exciting in the garden. We all told the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ but only after the children had put the story together, in the right order, from different objects and materials we had gathered. We had ‘squelchy mud’, ‘snow’, ‘swishy swashy grass’, ‘a dark forest’, ‘a river’ and ‘a gloomy cave’ (with a very growly bear) and once we had the materials in the right order we took turns telling and acting out the story with our little dolls house people!  It what great fun and we didn’t get too muddy or cold outside playing with the materials although we all wanted many turns to tell the story!

What story can you think of that would be great to act out with our dolls house people?


image image image

image image image

image image  imageimage

Our Busy Week

Yet another week has flown by in Little Grange with lots of learning, exploration and fun being had.Next week is set to be equally busy with two assemblies to attend one on Thursday and one on Friday. Please ensure that the children are in nursery by 8-30 am please.

Our sound of the week will be Z next week put those thinking caps on!

A reminder that next Friday we finish at 4 pm for the Easter break and there will be no after school care provided.

There will be no home school packs sent out next week as we need to prepare them for next term.

image A true sign that Easter is on its way as sales of chocolate and Shredded Wheat rise and the mass production of chocolate egg nests get under way! Next week the children will learn the true meaning of Easter as told by year 3.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a good weekend.

Making Easter nests

As Easter is approaching the children are interested who comes at Easter and what happens. We spoke about spring time and what happens in the spring. So the flowers grow and baby birds, rabbits etc are born. So we made chocolate Easter nests with a twist

The children identified the ingredients that we are using.

The children crushed and snapped into pieces, mixed the mixture, scooped the mixture into the cake cases and then added the ‘eggs’.  Can you name what we used each item for?

image  image  image   imageimageimageimage imageimageimageimage   “It looks like hay”   imageimage  image  image “It’s really hard to stir” imageimageimage “we’ve got to be careful not to drop any on the table”.
image  “What will we use for the eggs?”

image    What do you think we used?

What could you use as an alternative for chocolate eggs?

Scientists at Work

This week the children have been turned into scientists as they explored and experimented with a range of different substances.

Using special transparent mixing cups and stirring sticks the children set to work discovering what the containers held.

Then the experimentation began as the poured, added, smelt and stirred!


Plots of questions were asked and plenty of exclamations as the substances floated, changed the colour of the water and different scents were discovered.

“can we do this again later please? ” was the recurrent question .

Wax Resist Easter Egg Pictures

This week the children have been making wax resist Easter eggs. First they practised their cutting skills by cutting out an egg shape which some children found a little tricky but all displayed great perseverance!

image image

The children added their own crayon design, challenged to make a repeating pattern. They selected water coloured paint and were fascinated to see the paint not sticking to the waxy crayon.

image image image image

What other Easter shapes could you cut out?