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Expressive arts and design

This week the children have been using their cutting and mark making skills to create their house and their family. Our more confident cutters worked independently, cutting out the main body of the house, the roof, windows and doors and in some cases even added a chimney. Children still developing their cutting skills tried hard to cut around the rectangle of the house, with a little support at times and coaching on how to hold our scissors. They went on to add pre-cut roofs, windows and doors. The children enjoyed drawing pictures of their family looking out of the windows and were very pleased with their final results.






What else can the children create using their cutting skills?

Outdoor learning

This week our outdoor learning is focused on using a roamer and how we program it to move. We spoke about which buttons we needed to press in the correct order, this was very tricky to remember the sequence but with a little help from each other we were able to make the roamer move. Each child chose their coloured pen, pressed the buttons, listened for the beeps and then watched the roamer draw lines.

image image Watching the roamer move…..

image image image image Great excitement  watching the roamer move!

image  image image

The children then wanted to make the roamer go in a straight line so they worked together to move the pieces of paper in a line and then took turns to make the roamer move all the way down the paper. Great curiosity and enthusiasm was on display.

image Can you ask the children which buttons they had to press to make the roamer move?

Moving models

This week the children had the task of thinking about our bodies, what limbs we have and how many of them. The children had to select from the different piles of cut out body parts by deciding how many they need and which ones. image

The children had done very well in correctly organising their body parts into the right places.  image image image image image image image image

Then the children had to choose how they wanted to stick them together. They had the choices of cellotape, masking tape, paper clips, pritt-stick and split pins.

The end results look great as some of the children had little help joining them together.

image    image   image   image   image  image  image   image

Some children had time to draw a funny face on theirs and give their model some clothes.

Weekly News 22nd April

The weather has been very kind to us this week and the children have even made use of their sunhats!

Thank you to all the parents who have offered to help us on our outing, each of you should have received further details on Friday.

Forest School

I have been delighted with the high response and interest  from parents and I am looking forward to sharing a session with you . Please ensure you come suitably dressed as you may get wet, muddy or even both!

I hope you have enjoyed sharing your children’s learning through our blogs throughout the week. The children have really enjoyed sewing their seeds, watering them and peering into the pots to see if anything has happened. Measuring feet was an interesting experience, it is quite difficult drawing round your own foot.especially when it tickles. Do look at the display to see the different results. The children are working hard at their cursive writing and many of them wrote about their family members, again there is a super display for you to see. Great fun was had making stick people wonder if you can recognise any one in your family ?

Reception Transition Sessions.

Please can you respond to the letter sent out by the Reception teachers in order for them to be able to confirm numbers and arrange the afternoon sessions.

Washing Up Liquid Bottles.

I am collecting empty bottles to use in the outdoor area if you happen to empty one please may we have it.

I Spy Table.

The sound for next week will be Y the following week it will be X, quite difficult sounds this week so a good challenge for you all.

Mr Brombley will not be in school after Wednesday this week as he is under going a back operation. We wish him well and hope his recovery will be a speedy one. In his absence Miss Baldwin will be working in the nursery

Please feel free to discuss any concerns with myself or a member of the nursery team.

Photograph request

During this term the children will be looking at different families. To help us with this topic, please could you send in one photograph of your child with their immediate family?  We would ask that these are brought in by the end of next week (29th April).

Many thanks for your support,

Mrs. Wooster

My family list

This week in the transition room the children have been practising their writing skills by creating a list of the people in their immediate family. The children rose to the challenge, showing great courage, self belief and resilience as they tried their best self to write some unfamiliar letters. Some children were able to complete their list independently using their phonic knowledge whilst some children copied or traced over the tricky words but wrote their name independently.  Our children just starting to mark make enjoyed themselves making big circles, wavy lines or pictures on large pieces of paper, helping to develop their motor skills for mark making.

image image image image

What other list can the children write?

Measuring feet

This week our focused maths group activity is related to measuring our feet. The children drew around a foot and then used the unifix to measure how long their foot is. They then counted how many unifix they used and then stuck the correct amount of squares on.




Indpendent work was in full swing. The children then wrote their names on and the number of unifix they counted.

How many unifix would you need to measure your foot?

Creating lollipop people

This week the children had the task of thinking about how to create a member of their family using a lollipop stick, some glue and some shapes.

The children had done very well, the popular choice was mummy or daddy with a few others. Like sisters, brothers and even grandpa!

image     image  “I’ve made my brother and I’ve used a circle for his head”  image                                           image  “I’m making grandpa”  image  “I’m using this for my daddies fluffy hair!”                     image  ” I need a rectangle for my daddies top”  image    Creativity in full flow  image Discussing who each of their lollipop stick people that they have created.