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Week Ending 27th May

The high point of the week for the children in Little Gange has to be our outing to Bucklebury Farm. The children have arrived in nursery each morning excitedly telling me the number of sleeps left until Friday!

On Thursday afternoon the children went down to the Willow Village where the three bears were having their lunch! The children enjoyed role playing the Goldilocks story and exploring the willow huts.

In the creative arts focused activity I have seen evidence of some budding artists! The children have been looking at the works of a range of famous artists and talking about the story each picture tells. They have then set about creating their own master pieces.

image image

A huge thank you to all the brave parents who accompanied us at Bucklebury Farm, the children were true ambassadors for Holme GrNge School, displaying the Holme Grange Way.

image image image Lunch time at the farm.

Our topic after Half Term will be Oceania and the letter of the week for the I Spy table will be qu.

Please sign up for Parents’ Evening on the first Thursday back if you have yet to do so.

I will be away from school on the 6th and 7th June on a training course .

The children have had a very busy 7 weeks and are now very tired and ready for a rest home work has not been given for the holiday. After Half Term the children have a busy few weeks, home work targets will be set for a 3week period before we need to collate their achievements and pass many of their packs to their new Reception teachers.

I wish you all a most enjoyable long weekend and look forward to seeing you after Half Term .

Looking after our rabbits

This week we are looking at why and how we take care of our nursery rabbits. We spoke about the home they live in, what they need for their hutches and what they like to eat and drink. We also talked about our trip to the farm that is happening this week and how we need to keep calm, no shouting or screaming when we visit and hold the animals as we do not want to scare the animals.

The children all enjoyed a cuddle with hoppy and either stroked or gave his beautiful soft fur a brush.

image imageimage image

image image

image image

Hoppy was a super star with the children, he sat very nicely and definitely showed the Holme Grange Way.

Do you have any pets at home?


Making people

This week we looked at how we can make people out of 2D and 3D shapes. We discussed the different names of 2D and 3D shapes and we took it in turns to place them to form a person shape. We also took it in turns to explain why we were using certain shapes for each body part. image image image image image image

Can your child name two 2D shapes?

Parents join us at forest school

This week the children had some special visitors at forest school, their parents! The children really enjoyed having their parents to join them at forest school to show them what they get up to. The parents sat back and watched as their children went to explore with the fun of taking a few risks before they went to join.

image image

image image

image image

There was lots of cooperation and collaboration on show as bits were being resourced to make rafts to see if they would float or sink in the stream.

image image

image image

image image

The buckets were used in different ways to collect water from the stream and there was lots of excitement when the chuldren poured the water on the bank to watch which way it would flow back to the stream.

image image

image image

Magnifying glasses were being used for mini beast hunts and a rather large slug was found hiding on a log!

image image

image image

Some parents even followed their children climbing up trees!

image image

The children were on the look out for dinosaurs when large foot prints were found around the forest school site. A purple dinosaur with orange spots was spotted!

image image

image image


Thank you very much to the parents for joining us at forest school, the children really enjoyed having you there and we hope you had a great time joining your children in all the exploring and risk taking they do!




Understanding the world

This week the children have been looking at what a community is. The children talked about where they live and then looked at pictures of different places they may have been to with their family. The children showed great listening skills and enjoyed listening to each other talk about their experiences.

image image

‘I went on a bus all the way to legoland and it went to the right place!’

‘My mummy and daddy took me to hospital when I hurt my chin.’

‘I went to the dentist and they looked at my teeth and I get a sticker every time I go.’

‘My daddy went to the dentist and he had his tooth out.’

‘I’ve been to visit the fire station and I sat in a fire engine. You need a fire engine when there is a fire.’

‘You can call the police if someone is in trouble and the police look to see that children are wearing their seat belts in the car.’

‘I went on the train to London to see some fish.’

‘My daddy goes on the train to work in town.’

‘I went on the train at Thomas Land and it was really fun.’

‘We go shopping to Tesco and Wwaitrose and I help mummy push the trolley.’

‘I like going to the library to choose different books. I went with mummy and daddy and we read a book there.’

‘At the library you have to see the lady or man at the desk to get a book.’

‘In town I also go to the garden centre with mummy and it has a soft play area.’

‘I go to a restaurant with my family for tea, I like pizza express.’



What other places do you go to that your children might be able to tell you about?



Week Ending 20th May 2016

this week has whizzed past and I can not believe that we are only one week away from Half Term !

Please remember that we are on our outing next Friday and the children will require a packed lunch . The children will go in their uniform with school sun hats if we are lucky enough to have a sunny day. If it is wet we will go in our forest school waterproofs and boots.

To link into our build up to the farm trip the I spy table will change to an I spy on the farm …

The challenge is to write a list of animals or bids that we might spot.

Forest School

Our final group of parents attended forest school this morning and yet again the weather was dry and warm. I hope the experience gained will have helped you all to understand how forest school runs and how very independent your children really are. I am very proud of the confident manner in which the children delivered their summary of their learning so clearly and confidently.

Parent’s Evening

The sheets of appointments will be posted in nursery next week for you to select and sign up to a time with your child’s key person.

enjoy your weekend.

Mathematical Challenge

this week the children are concentrating on ordering a range of numerals. To begin with the children were given a sequence of numbers, they had to talk to each other about their numeral and then to order themselves from the lowest to the highest number value.

Secondly the children were supplied with white boards and pens , they were challenged to write a numeral of their choosing and once completed to again order themselves from lowest to highest. There was some risk taking and plenty of communication and collaberation involved.


i wonder which numeral you would have chosen to write?

Outdoor Learning

This week the children have enjoyed using Bee-Bot to spell out CVC words, to find the initial letter sounds in CVC words or to identify letter sounds on the alphabet mat. Children that had previous experience of using Bee-Bot worked independently to program their route. Children that were not familiar with this technology listened carefully to instructions and received coaching as they programmed Bee-Bot.



Can the children tell you the first letter sounds in other words or sound out other CVC words?

Self portrait

The children have been working on creating their very own self portrait. They have different skin colour crayons and pencils to choose from along with coloured pencils to use for their hair, eyes, mouths and cheeks. A large mirror was put on the table for the children to use so they could look at themselves to help decide which colours were best to use.

Independence and enthusiasm was present as the children chatted to each other about what colour hair and eyes they had! The children learnt how similar and different they are from each other.

image imageimageimage “I have yellow hair”image  image  “I have green eyes”image image image “My hair is black”

Could you draw yourself?

Who is in our family?

This week we have been taking it in turns to share who is in on our family and what they look like. We practised our listening skills and we discussed what we like about a person in our family.

Here are some of the things that were said:

“Daddy is the biggest but I’m bigger than my cat”

“I love my nanny, she gives me lots of sweeties”

“I like her because she gives me cuddles”

“I have cousins too, but they don’t like with me”

“I love Smudge, she licks my face all of the time”

“I love nanny and grandad because they cuddle me a lot”

“I love it when I see my nanny and grandad”image