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3D Shapes

The children enjoyed exploring with 3D shapes during our maths group time. We learnt that 3D shapes are solid and that the names of them are different to 2D shapes. The children then chose a shape to hold and learnt to count the edges, corners and faces on each shape.

image A cube…….image A triangular prism

image  image A sphere which the children found tricky to pronounce!

image A cone or as the children refered this shape to as an ice cream cone! Remember to quiz your children on this shape during the summer holidays.

image   A cuboid.. image Hexagonal prism.   image And a cylinder image Can you find any items at home that look like one of our 3D shapes?


Communication and Language

We have begun to think about sports day and Helping the children understand the importance of taking part rather than winning. I read them a story called Sports Day, having listened to the story we talked about the varied races, how some children didn’t  take part fairly and how the children felt when they won or came second or third. We thought about the Holme Grange Way and how it teaches us to be our best selves and to do our best.

image image image I think the children are looking forward to our sports day on Friday!

Week Ednding 24th June

The weeks are passing faster and becoming busier as we try to fit all our activities and  end of term preparations into each day. I hope you have enjoyed our blogs and seeing some of the focused learning the children have been engaged in. We were fortunate enough to be invited to watch the dress rehearsal of The Peace Child on Wednesday morning. The children behaved beautifully and were enthralled by all the singing, colour and enthusiasm of the children.  We began to prepare for sports day by holding some races in the front area of the nursery. This will continue next week with daily visits to the athelitics field (weather permitting) to be ready for Friday morning.

We would like to invite you all back to Little Grange after sports day to join the children for refreshments.

The children enjoyed their second afternoon visit to Reception this week and I understand they are impressing the Reception teachers with their confidence. There will be a third visit next week before the children spend an afternoon with their new teacher.

Sound of the Week.

The final sound for our I Spy table will be “ar” good luck and I look forward to seeing what the children will bring to school.

Please return all the home school learning packs on Monday, we will be passing these onto the Reception teachers shortly.

Nursery Questionaire

Please be kind enough to complete the form and return it to me your comments are important and valued.

I wish you a good weekend.


This week the children during group time were set a challenge to write their names in cursive script before talking about what we had done at the week end. Once the children had shared their adventures they decided to select one thing and write it down.

image ” I went swimming”  image image image ” I got my daddy a present”  image ” I can write Chloe”  image ” I said happy Father’s Day to daddy in the morning”  image ” I went shopping”  image

the children have worked really hard on their formation and short words as they tried to write it themselves by sounding out the word.

Communication and language

Our topic this half of term is the continent Oceania. “No room for baby Roo”  was an ideal story for the children to listen to. The children enjoyed the story and were intrigued as different animals appeared out of the story sack. They learnt about the different types of animals you may find if you are ever lucky enough to visit Australia.

image Can you see which animals we learnt about?

image image The children were then able to use the story board to and characters to make their own story up.

Have you ever been to the other side of the world?

Fun with Technology

Today the children learnt about the technology used to operate cameras and the video app on the IPad. We talked about what powers the devices and looked at batteries, power packs and battery chargers. We then talked about how the cameras store photos for us to look at and looked at some memory cards. The children then loaded the batteries into the cameras, added a memory card and looked for the power buttons. Once up and running they had fun taking photos and video clips!

image image image image image

What would you have used the cameras and video to capture?

UTW Oceania

This week during group time the children were looking at similarities and the differences between Australia and the U.K. It was a little challenging as some children had different ideas of what was in Australia. Eventually they worked together and discussed what animals could be found in Australia and if they look like any animal we have  here in the UK.

image     The children spoke about what buildings Australia may have.   image  A couple of children tried to work out what the time would be using clocks after having been explained how many hours Australia are ahead of the U.K.   image  Once the children had worked out the time they then moved on to the animals. However the children found a kookaburra a strange but ‘very funny bird as it sounds like it’s laughing!’

There were a few similarities and a lot of differences between the two countries that the children could find.

How many do you know? Do you know the time difference or the Australian current season?

Expressive Arts & Design

This week the children have been exploring a variety of materials and using different tools and techniques to create their own beach scene. They loved experimenting with the different textures of the sand, tissue paper and glitter to represent their own ideas. Some children just enjoyed sticking different materials on, others chose to use their cutting skills to create different shapes to stick on and some rolled, scrunched up or moulded the tissue paper to create fish, sharks, waves, the sun, seaweed, crabs and even a crocodile.

image image

image image

image image

image image


The children created some great pictures. I wonder what they will decide to create next at school or at home?



Mark Making

this week the children are working in the Transition Classroom on their cursive writing. For some children the focus is on perfecting the writing of their names before moving to Reception . Some children are extending their writing skills to writing sentences and using their phonic knowledge to spell words.

image image imageimage

Can you see our super cursive writing skills?