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Week Ending 27th January

An exciting end to the week with our School celebration of the Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster! The children went to assembly to hear all about the celebrations before returning to nursery to complete group times. Mrs Ng then kindly came to make fire crackers with the children as well as a chop stick challenge game. Our role play restaurant Chinese restaurant has proved very popular with the children too.

A huge “Thank you ” to Mrs Ng for helping us to make fire crackers.

Little Grange sitting beautifully in the Chinese assembly.

The children have as always been busy in their focused learning activities, some beautiful fruits were created in the messy room, the children were challenged to sort fruits from vegetables in their maths activity, technology featured strongly this week with the children being challenged to operate remote control racers and in Understanding the World the children were in putting  data to instruct Blue Bots to move. In the kitchen the children used technology to juice oranges before making jelly to fill the orange skins.

Sound of the week will be “L”


Please continue to work on zipping up coats I think almost every child can now put on their coat with the help of our coat trick! 😊

New Challenge

Please support the children to use a knife and fork to eat their meal. All children are expected to do so at lunch time and we are doing our best to help them at school with your insistence at home we can achieve this skill.



Week Ending 20th January 2017

Winter has arrived and we have been fortunate to have had some beautiful early morning red skies and beautiful frosty days. The children have been excited and entranced by the thick ice with they have enjoyed investigating, not to mention the grit i am sorry you can’t use this word salt sprinkled on the paths and playgrounds.

The nursery week has been as busy as ever, I must congratulate all our new joiners who have really settled into the nursery and are learning the Holme Grange Way.

Creative activites have engaged the children in learning more about fruit and vegetables as they engaged in a printing activity.

Techonolgy is an important skill for our children this week the children have used cameras to take photographs. Some children have also used metal detectors as part of a science activity.

Cooking provided plenty of opportunities for maths, language development, understanding the world i am sorry you can’t use this word creativity.

The story Oliver’s Vegetables has been enjoyed with an abundance of opportunity for the children to use their listening i am sorry you can’t use this word language skills.

Understanding the World has helped the children to begin to learn about how vegetables grow.

Forest School as always is looked forward to!

Weekend Challenge

Please encourage your child to put on their own coat, the magic trick we teach is to place the coat on the floor, the child stands behind the hood places their arms in the sleeves and flips the coat over their head. Job done!

Next challenge to do up the poppers or zip.

Stickers awarded for parents and children who achieve the two challenges!

January 13th 2017

What a week! We have been very busy this week with all activities in full swing. The weather has thrown sun, rain and sleet at us but undeterred we have been out and about infact forest School in the rain provided much entertainment and muddy faces! Focused learning encouraged writing skills, maths supported comparisons, creativity saw the children use a variety of skills to produce the Hungry Caterpillar display. Communication skills were developed through the discussion of different fruits and vegetables. Cooking with the thought of snow in mind the children created snowmen.

Writing Phonic Challenge

This week I have set a writing challenge to write as many words commencing with our sound of the week! Paper is provided on the parent signing in table.

Enjoy your weekend

Happy New Year and Welcome

A warm welcome to our 10 new families I hope you will soon feel at “Holme” !

We have had a very positive start to the term with our older pupils helping to take the new children under their wings.

New parents a Tapestry email has been sent this morning to you it last for 24 hours. Please set a password which will ensure security.

We have managed to pack many activities into our 3 days, music, computers, PE and forest School.

Phonic table I spy will be g next week.

I highly recommend the phonics course on the reception page to you all.


We have 7 sets of Numicon available on a first come first served system if anyone is interested.

Have a lovely weekend.