Monthly Archives: March 2017

Spring Term Ends.

Today the children were treated to an afternoon of fun to celebrate the end of term and the festival of Easter.

Egg and spoon races, sack races not to mention popcorn and candy floss.

In the morning we created some lovely Easter rabbits each displaying a very special face!

On Monday we went to listen to some stories from the bible to help us to understand more about the Christian faith.

Today we listened to the Easter story.

As a treat from the teachers the children all took part in making chocolate Easter nest, yummy!

Easter hats were colourful, creative and very festive.

Next term our topic will be Colours.

My team and I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Science Week

Wow what an exciting week it has been as the children in Little Grange have been learning about science. The week began with a science workshop where they found out about fireworks, they were even treated to an indoor firework show.

In Little Grange the children were able to become paleontologists whilst learning how dinosaurs were discovered and recorded so we can learn about them today.

Then we went to the science assembly where we saw Mr Clayton and Mrs Robinson take a risk and allow their hands to be set on fire! There was also an experiment with carbon dioxide.

Some of the children enjoyed using marbling inks to create a picture and then watched as Mr Brombley created a volcano in the garden.

Today we all went out to the field to watch the launch of the rockets, as in all experiments one rocket launched whilst the second one refused.


Next week is show and Tell week.

Monday will be Mrs Fifield’s group.

Tuesday will be Mr Brombley’s group.

Wednesday will be Mrs Gerike’s group

Thursday will be Mrs Short’s group.

Friday will be Mrs Wooster’s group.

Forest School Waterproofs

Today we required the children to use their waterproofs unfortunately some children did not have these in school which prevented them from joining in the activity. Please do not take waterproofs home they are meant to get dirty!

Enjoy your weekend.

Week Ending 10th March

 A week of fun, frolics and learning in Little Grange this week. We were very lucky to also have Year 3 come to visit us bringing with them stories they had written or a favourite book to share with our children.

 Super number work and writing .  Cooking dinosaur swamp soup!                     Forest School was wet and very muddy but the children returned very happy and empowered.

Please remember to sign up for the Easter Fun Afternoon if your son or daughter does not usually attend on a Wednesday afternoon.

Enjoy the weekend.

Week Ending 3rd March

Dinosaus have continued to shape our week with some very much enjoyed focus learning.

The making and baking of dinosaur biscuits was as last week very much enjoyed, I am sure the children also enjoyed eating them too!  In the creative arts activities the children worked collaboratively to use a variety of materials to create some stunning dinosaurs. The children very highly motivated which in created plenty of discussion.

Dinosaur Maths challenged the children to count a handful of dinosaurs and then to feed the dinosaurs with a given number of “treats” . Problem solving skills were required and some of the children were able to record their findings on paper.

Technology was in evidence as the children engaged in some metal detecting.

 I am sorry to say no gold was discovered.

Breaking news some until now unknown dinosaurs have been discovered at Little Grange this week. The children have designed some very imaginative designs .

I spy table next week will be J.

Enjoy your weekend.