Welcome to the Summer Term

The Summer term and we warmly welcome our new children and their parents we hope you will soon feel very much part of the Holme Grange family. The children are all settling happily into the nursery and are being taken under the wings of our older and more experienced pupils. The nursery is as always at full capacity now and Miss Baldwin who is known to many of the nursery children is rejoining my team for the term. Miss Baldwin has plenty of experience of working in nursery and the main school, her presence ensures that the children continue to receive the same standard of care, focused activities and play as before.


This week the first groups of children have baked some delicious cookies!

Communication and Language

The activity this week has encouraged the children to use descriptive language to describe what they could see on a colourful farm picture. Some of the children were also able to record in words or sentences  what they saw.


Understanding of number values and number recognition was great fun this week. The children were engaged in counting coloured spots and then selecting numbered pegs to peg to the matching values.

Imagination and Creativity.

Painting rainbows really helped the children to understand colour, the children had red, yellow and blue paints so the challenge was to be able to create the remaining 4 colours!

Understanding the World

The children learned about the colours of the four seasons. They then engaged in an I spy colours of autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Mark Making

The children chose from a range of coloured pencils and then used these to write with.

What a very busy week we have enjoyed.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the nursery staff are always available to discuss any concerns or questions you may have at drop off and collection times. We hold a parent evening this term however we are always happy to discuss your child’s progress with you at any time. All the team can be contacted by email should this be easier for you. ¬†Tapestry records your child’s learning and progress whilst giving you a delightful insight into what you child is participating in whist at school. Tapestry is not designed to provide a daily record of each day.

I wish you all a happy 3 day weekend.

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