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Week of 22nd May

This week sees the last week on our topic Colours. They children have experienced various teacher led activities exploring colour in many different ways. This weeks focused learning activities have been…..

 to use the unifex to decide whether the children had chosen a light or dark colour and compared with their friends.

 To discuss the different colours animals are.

 The children enjoyed a wonderful story “What the ladybird heard next” which involved learning rhyming strings.

 The children all practised writing their name in the cursive style or worked on writing rhyming words.

  The children were focusing on their hemisphere writing  skills of certain letters remembering that all letters start from the grass.

 The children have learned about Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl.  The children looked at some of his best known work where he made use of rectangles and lines with bright colours of red, blue and yellow.



Week Commencing 15th May

This week the children have been engaged in the following activities in their focused learning activities.

Communication and Language

Songs and rhymes based around colours have been enjoyed, What’s your favourite colour? Is a delightful song and the children have enjoyed adding their own colour and object to sing about.


The rainbow game has engaged the children in collecting items representing the 7 colours of the rainbow. Using  their numeracy skills the children have talked about the quantity of objects collected before comparing this with their peers.

Expressive Art and Design

Elmer the Elephant has been the focus of the activity this week. Children were provided with an outline of Elmer and then provided with a choice of colourful tissue papers. Scissors were provided to challenge children to cut out their own colour squares, whilst coloured squares were available for those who still find cutting a little tricky.  We saw many colourful patchwork elephants in nursery this week.

Understanding the World

The bubble lamp in our sensory room provided the focus as the children watched the water changing colour. ” How and why does the water change colour ?” was presented as a challenge.

The children were then provided with torches to experiment with, only a white light could be created. A selection of colour paddles and coloured cellophane were then made available for the children to experiment with. Great excitement was had as the children worked out how to create coloured light!

Literacy and Mark Making

Children have been encouraged to use cursive writing to scribe colour names either independently or with some support.


The use of the CD player, cameras and iPads have given the children the opportunity to learn new skills or to develop confidence in independently using the equipment.

Outing to Birdworld

A reminder that next Friday we are off to Birdworld and a packed lunch is required. There are still some availability for any parent who would like to accompany us and help with outing. Parents will meet us at Birdworld at about 10 am, parents are welcome to take their son or daughter directly home from Birdworld if it is more convenient.

Week Commencing May 8th 2017

Outing to Birdworld

Please note that a letter has been sent out this week explaining all about our trip.

Invitation to Forest School

Please respond to the invitation if you would like to join us on Tapestry.

Our Week


The children have really had such fun baking Numicon biscuits.

 Wow don’t they look tasty!

Expressive Art and Design

We have been finding out about the works of Monet and talking about his famous painting of the Lily Pond. The children have then put on their artist hat and enjoyed mixing colours to create their own beautiful pond paintings.

I think we have some very artistic children.


A great game of colour bingo has been enjoyed by all the children. The excitement and suspense as the children waited to see which colour would be drawn out of the box and who was going to complete their board First was lovely to see.

Understanding the World

Looking after the needs of animals at nursery has been the learning focus for the children. Hoppy the rabbit has been groomed, stroked and nursed showing his best self and Holme Grange way. The children love our rabbits and they are always keen to help feed them and clean out their hutches.


The Rainbow story has been shared with the children and they have loved listening to the order of the colours in a rainbow.

Lots of questions have been asked as the children were intrigued by the pictures.

Mark Making

The children have been working on their pencil control and being able to make forward and backward circles. This led onto Georgia the Pig letters which all need this circular formation.



A Busy Four Days

We have managed to fit lots of fun and activities into our four day week.

Focused activities have include Details;

Communication and Language

The children have enjoyed listening to an Elmer the Elephant story. They have used their communication skills to talk about the different colours in the illustrations and to express their favourite picture.


The focus this week was to be able to recognise similarities and differences. The children were introduced to the game of snap. They chose between pirate snap and dinosaur snap. Shape and colour were they key to success.

Expresses Art and Design

Bubble painting provided awe and wonder as the children blew into their chosen paint colour. The children were fascinated by the coloured bubbles that formed and at the pattern on their paper as they removed it from the top of the pot.

Understanding the World

The activity focused on the children learning to operate a CD player. The CD played music and the children were able to choose colourful musical instruments to accompany the songs.

As always cooking and forest School were much enjoyed.

Have a good weekend.