Week Commencing May 8th 2017

Outing to Birdworld

Please note that a letter has been sent out this week explaining all about our trip.

Invitation to Forest School

Please respond to the invitation if you would like to join us on Tapestry.

Our Week


The children have really had such fun baking Numicon biscuits.

¬†Wow don’t they look tasty!

Expressive Art and Design

We have been finding out about the works of Monet and talking about his famous painting of the Lily Pond. The children have then put on their artist hat and enjoyed mixing colours to create their own beautiful pond paintings.

I think we have some very artistic children.


A great game of colour bingo has been enjoyed by all the children. The excitement and suspense as the children waited to see which colour would be drawn out of the box and who was going to complete their board First was lovely to see.

Understanding the World

Looking after the needs of animals at nursery has been the learning focus for the children. Hoppy the rabbit has been groomed, stroked and nursed showing his best self and Holme Grange way. The children love our rabbits and they are always keen to help feed them and clean out their hutches.


The Rainbow story has been shared with the children and they have loved listening to the order of the colours in a rainbow.

Lots of questions have been asked as the children were intrigued by the pictures.

Mark Making

The children have been working on their pencil control and being able to make forward and backward circles. This led onto Georgia the Pig letters which all need this circular formation.



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