Monthly Archives: June 2017

Week Ending 30th June

Wow what an amazing sports day we had this morning. The children all displayed the Holme Grange Way as they participated in their races on the athletics field. Great displays of sportsmanship as the children were proud of their individual achievements. Parents you were amazing we certainly saw some running talents that had been hidden until today!

The children have impressed the Reception teachers with their transition visits and a positive attitude has been seen as they prepare to leave us.

Final visit is on Monday when the children will be placed in their new classes, don’t forget there are parent meetings for you too.

Here in Little Grange we have been welcoming our new entrants for September, we are delighted that Little Grange is full for the next academic year and a waiting list is now in place.

Term ends for many of our children on Wednesday for those attending Speech Day we will bid you goodbye on Thursday. Please not the day ends at 4pm and there is no after school care.


Week Ending 23rd June 2017

The highlight of the week for the children was the special visitors that arrived on Friday morning.

Mrs Palmer came to help us learn more about animals. Scout Lauren’s dog came to visit us. He is nine months old and was very well behaved and Scout was kept on his lead. Mrs Palmer explained that some foods that we eat are very bad for cats and dogs, we know that we should not give our pets onions, sweet corn, chocolate, milk or grapes as these foods make cats and dogs very poorly.
Mrs Palmer showed us how dogs teeth need to be cleaned with chicken flavour tooth paste!
Ann brought some special visitors we met a tortoise and a corn snake. The corn snake had shed its skin and Ann brought the shed skin for the children to handle if they chose to. The tortoise was very friendly and many of the children were keen to feel his shell. The corn snake was enjoying the warmth of the nursery and was very lively! The children were able to stroke the snakes tail and feel how dry he felt.
We all learned lots of new facts today. Thank you Mrs Palmer and Ann for a wonderful morning.

Week Ending 16th June

Our week ended on a high with our BachtoBaby concert. The children were fascinated by the harp and the flute and they enjoyed listening to a range of different pieces. There were also opportunities for the children to dance and move to different tempos of music.

Creative focused learning and mark making was a very special one this week as the children created cards and wrote a message to a very special person in their lives! I hope there will be some very happy dads tomorrow!

Communication, Language and Literacy

Animal stories enchanted the children this week with a range of books featuring animals from a variety of countries.


Technology was at the forefront of learning this week as the children used their mathematical language to work out how to move and program the Bluebot to different locations.

Understanding the World.

The children explored and found out about animals that live in the jungle. The interactive whiteboard and internet allowed the children to see birds and animals living in their natural habitats.

Forest School

Thank you to all the parents who came to experience forest School first hand over the past two weeks. I do hope you all now understand what an amazing opportunity forest School provides for your chikdren.





Week Commencing 5th June

Our new topic on animals has been launched this week and the children are very excited. Our visit to Birdworld definitely proved a great starting point and many children have remembered lots of information from the visit .

Communication , Language and Literacy.

We have been investigating how stories become books to share. The children have looked first at the story of the Gruffalo through our story bag. We were able to find all the characters inside the story sack. We then looked at some story picture cards and sorted them into characters, places and objects, these were then used to create a group story. Finally the children made up and retold their own stories.


Numicon maths was the focus this week. The children used pegs to count objects in a big picture. Some children were able to record their findings whilst others created addition sums.

Expressive Art and Design

Beautiful model animals began to take shape as the children worked with play dough. Fingers worked hard as the dough was squashed, squeezed, pulled and shaped.

Understanding the World

The children learned about butterflies through art, they created folded symmetrical pictures and then took a print. This formed the basis for a discussion about the parts of a butterfly.

Mark Making

Cursive writing continues to be the main focus as many children are working towards their move to Reception. The children wrote the names of their favourite animals whilst some children focused on developing their pencil control and grip.


The children have been using rice cakes or crackers to create animal faces by creating the animal features with fruits.

Thank you to all the parents who have attended forest school sessions this week, I think it is safe to say you all had an amazing experience!

Don’t forget the school fete tomorrow at 12 noon .