Week Ending 16th June

Our week ended on a high with our BachtoBaby concert. The children were fascinated by the harp and the flute and they enjoyed listening to a range of different pieces. There were also opportunities for the children to dance and move to different tempos of music.

Creative focused learning and mark making was a very special one this week as the children created cards and wrote a message to a very special person in their lives! I hope there will be some very happy dads tomorrow!

Communication, Language and Literacy

Animal stories enchanted the children this week with a range of books featuring animals from a variety of countries.


Technology was at the forefront of learning this week as the children used their mathematical language to work out how to move and program the Bluebot to different locations.

Understanding the World.

The children explored and found out about animals that live in the jungle. The interactive whiteboard and internet allowed the children to see birds and animals living in their natural habitats.

Forest School

Thank you to all the parents who came to experience forest School first hand over the past two weeks. I do hope you all now understand what an amazing opportunity forest School provides for your chikdren.





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