Week Ending 23rd June 2017

The highlight of the week for the children was the special visitors that arrived on Friday morning.

Mrs Palmer came to help us learn more about animals. Scout Lauren’s dog came to visit us. He is nine months old and was very well behaved and Scout was kept on his lead. Mrs Palmer explained that some foods that we eat are very bad for cats and dogs, we know that we should not give our pets onions, sweet corn, chocolate, milk or grapes as these foods make cats and dogs very poorly.
Mrs Palmer showed us how dogs teeth need to be cleaned with chicken flavour tooth paste!
Ann brought some special visitors we met a tortoise and a corn snake. The corn snake had shed its skin and Ann brought the shed skin for the children to handle if they chose to. The tortoise was very friendly and many of the children were keen to feel his shell. The corn snake was enjoying the warmth of the nursery and was very lively! The children were able to stroke the snakes tail and feel how dry he felt.
We all learned lots of new facts today. Thank you Mrs Palmer and Ann for a wonderful morning.

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