Spring Term Ends.

Today the children were treated to an afternoon of fun to celebrate the end of term and the festival of Easter.

Egg and spoon races, sack races not to mention popcorn and candy floss.

In the morning we created some lovely Easter rabbits each displaying a very special face!

On Monday we went to listen to some stories from the bible to help us to understand more about the Christian faith.

Today we listened to the Easter story.

As a treat from the teachers the children all took part in making chocolate Easter nest, yummy!

Easter hats were colourful, creative and very festive.

Next term our topic will be Colours.

My team and I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Science Week

Wow what an exciting week it has been as the children in Little Grange have been learning about science. The week began with a science workshop where they found out about fireworks, they were even treated to an indoor firework show.

In Little Grange the children were able to become paleontologists whilst learning how dinosaurs were discovered and recorded so we can learn about them today.

Then we went to the science assembly where we saw Mr Clayton and Mrs Robinson take a risk and allow their hands to be set on fire! There was also an experiment with carbon dioxide.

Some of the children enjoyed using marbling inks to create a picture and then watched as Mr Brombley created a volcano in the garden.

Today we all went out to the field to watch the launch of the rockets, as in all experiments one rocket launched whilst the second one refused.


Next week is show and Tell week.

Monday will be Mrs Fifield’s group.

Tuesday will be Mr Brombley’s group.

Wednesday will be Mrs Gerike’s group

Thursday will be Mrs Short’s group.

Friday will be Mrs Wooster’s group.

Forest School Waterproofs

Today we required the children to use their waterproofs unfortunately some children did not have these in school which prevented them from joining in the activity. Please do not take waterproofs home they are meant to get dirty!

Enjoy your weekend.

Week Ending 10th March

 A week of fun, frolics and learning in Little Grange this week. We were very lucky to also have Year 3 come to visit us bringing with them stories they had written or a favourite book to share with our children.

 Super number work and writing .  Cooking dinosaur swamp soup!                     Forest School was wet and very muddy but the children returned very happy and empowered.

Please remember to sign up for the Easter Fun Afternoon if your son or daughter does not usually attend on a Wednesday afternoon.

Enjoy the weekend.

Week Ending 3rd March

Dinosaus have continued to shape our week with some very much enjoyed focus learning.

The making and baking of dinosaur biscuits was as last week very much enjoyed, I am sure the children also enjoyed eating them too!  In the creative arts activities the children worked collaboratively to use a variety of materials to create some stunning dinosaurs. The children very highly motivated which in created plenty of discussion.

Dinosaur Maths challenged the children to count a handful of dinosaurs and then to feed the dinosaurs with a given number of “treats” . Problem solving skills were required and some of the children were able to record their findings on paper.

Technology was in evidence as the children engaged in some metal detecting.

 I am sorry to say no gold was discovered.

Breaking news some until now unknown dinosaurs have been discovered at Little Grange this week. The children have designed some very imaginative designs .

I spy table next week will be J.

Enjoy your weekend.

Week Ending 24th February

We have had a super fun first week back beginning our topic on dinosaurs!

Our sound of the week table was very popular with a fine array of items commencing with “f”

Next week we are looking at the sound “b” what can you think of?

Focused learning activities have included designing a dinosaur, listening to Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs with props for the children to join in the story. Learning about the different dinosaurs that walked the earth many years ago, did they live in the sea, could they fly or did they live on the land? In maths the children played a dinosaur game involving shapes and throwing a dice. Dinosaur biscuits were created in cooking with some of the children reading my recipe!

After school

Please at the end of nursery take your children home, in the interests of Health and Safety once you have signed your child out we are no longer responsible for your safety and in the event of an emergency it is assumed you have left the school premises. I understand the temptation to allow the children to play whilst parents chat however I must request that this does not occur. The children are well aware that they are must go straight home. Many thanks for your understanding.


Week Ending February 10th

I can not believe that we have reached Half Term already! As always we have managed to fit in a wide and varied program of activities and learning. I am sure you have all enjoyed seeing the uploads on Tapestry.

Next term our topic will be dinosaurs which I am sure will be very popular!

Our I spy focus will be as follows;

20/2/17        F

27/2/17       B

6/3/17         J

13/3/17      Z

20/317     Show and Tell Week

Forest school was throughly enjoyed by both morning groups this week as the forest floor was extremely muddy!

The children have worked very hard on perfecting their poem ready for the performance.

PE session this week involved the children taking risks and showing great confidence as they clambered, slid and jumped from quite a height!

 Pencil skills and mark making are part of our weekly focus a solid tripod grip needs to be established in nursery to support good letter formation.

The dance and mime open class was well attended, the children proudly performed their routines.

The children did really well performing our poem and we are all very proud of how well they remembered their words. The judges thought it was so good (all of the entries were brilliant) we came out with the winning certificate.

Have a great Half Term.



Week Ending 3rd February

What a wet week it has been however forest School has provided new opportunities to slip and slide, paint faces and create mud monsters!

Focused learning again involved technology with the children using iPads to control Spiro and Ollie. Our new mobile phones were a great success with the children talking to each other and it was amazing to hear the language development that was involved.

Cooking was another success with the juicing machine proving popular and tasting the fresh orange juice helped to explain that it comes from oranges not a carton!

The fruit and vegetable freely box took courage and resilience!

Handa’s Suprise was much enjoyed, the creativity of the children as they painted, collaged and cut was awesome!

Show and Tell

Next week we are focusing on public speaking the children are encouraged to bring in an item of interest that they can talk to the class about.

Monday.   Mrs Fifield’s group

Tuesday.  Mrs Short’s group

Wednesday Mrs Wooster’ group

Thursday Mr Bombley’s group

Friday Mrs Gericke’s group.

Dance Open Afternoon for Parents

Monday is the dance display for those children who opt for this session at 3pm in Cauldwell Hall children may go home after the performance.

Enjoy the weekend .

Week Ending 27th January

An exciting end to the week with our School celebration of the Chinese New Year, the year of the rooster! The children went to assembly to hear all about the celebrations before returning to nursery to complete group times. Mrs Ng then kindly came to make fire crackers with the children as well as a chop stick challenge game. Our role play restaurant Chinese restaurant has proved very popular with the children too.

A huge “Thank you ” to Mrs Ng for helping us to make fire crackers.

Little Grange sitting beautifully in the Chinese assembly.

The children have as always been busy in their focused learning activities, some beautiful fruits were created in the messy room, the children were challenged to sort fruits from vegetables in their maths activity, technology featured strongly this week with the children being challenged to operate remote control racers and in Understanding the World the children were in putting  data to instruct Blue Bots to move. In the kitchen the children used technology to juice oranges before making jelly to fill the orange skins.

Sound of the week will be “L”


Please continue to work on zipping up coats I think almost every child can now put on their coat with the help of our coat trick! 😊

New Challenge

Please support the children to use a knife and fork to eat their meal. All children are expected to do so at lunch time and we are doing our best to help them at school with your insistence at home we can achieve this skill.



Week Ending 20th January 2017

Winter has arrived and we have been fortunate to have had some beautiful early morning red skies and beautiful frosty days. The children have been excited and entranced by the thick ice with they have enjoyed investigating, not to mention the grit i am sorry you can’t use this word salt sprinkled on the paths and playgrounds.

The nursery week has been as busy as ever, I must congratulate all our new joiners who have really settled into the nursery and are learning the Holme Grange Way.

Creative activites have engaged the children in learning more about fruit and vegetables as they engaged in a printing activity.

Techonolgy is an important skill for our children this week the children have used cameras to take photographs. Some children have also used metal detectors as part of a science activity.

Cooking provided plenty of opportunities for maths, language development, understanding the world i am sorry you can’t use this word creativity.

The story Oliver’s Vegetables has been enjoyed with an abundance of opportunity for the children to use their listening i am sorry you can’t use this word language skills.

Understanding the World has helped the children to begin to learn about how vegetables grow.

Forest School as always is looked forward to!

Weekend Challenge

Please encourage your child to put on their own coat, the magic trick we teach is to place the coat on the floor, the child stands behind the hood places their arms in the sleeves and flips the coat over their head. Job done!

Next challenge to do up the poppers or zip.

Stickers awarded for parents and children who achieve the two challenges!