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Looking after our rabbits

This week we are looking at why and how we take care of our nursery rabbits. We spoke about the home they live in, what they need for their hutches and what they like to eat and drink. We also talked about our trip to the farm that is happening this week and how we need to keep calm, no shouting or screaming when we visit and hold the animals as we do not want to scare the animals.

The children all enjoyed a cuddle with hoppy and either stroked or gave his beautiful soft fur a brush.

image imageimage image

image image

image image

Hoppy was a super star with the children, he sat very nicely and definitely showed the Holme Grange Way.

Do you have any pets at home?


photos continue….

imageimageimageimage imageimage








Lunch was then truly needed after the farm yard tour, the children absolutely loved seeing and feeding all the animals. After our yummy lunches the children embarked on the yellow slides, whizzing down on the mats!

imageThe children had some free time to explore the park. image imageimage












It was all to much for most of the children as we said goodbye to Bucklebury and headed back to school.


image image image


image   What a wonderful day out, the children were super stars. A huge thank you to our parent helpers, this trip is never possible without your help.

We hope you all slept well, Mrs Short certainly did! Have a great half term.




Bucklebury Farm

Friday morning 46 very excited children, staff and our wonderful band of parent helpers all headed for the farm for Little Grange’s big school trip. On arrival we placed our backpacks on the lunch tables and Mrs Short’s team headed to the tractor trailer ride whilst Mrs Fifeld and her team went on a farm yard tour.

image  imageimage

image  image image


Kevin the farmer told us all about the deer, how to feed them and we even had the chance to hold some antlers, boy were they heavy!

image   image image




The children did a super job feeding the deer.

image  image   image



We thanked Kevin and then headed for our farm yard tour with Georgia. We met sheep, Alpaca, Llamas, a beautiful peacock, rabbits, pigs, cows, rabbits, pigs, goats and guinea pigs.

Cuddles were clearly enjoyed by the children whilst holding the guinea pigs. Courage and self belief were on show.

image  image imageimage




image  image







Bucklebury Farm

The air of excitement was electric as the children arrived this morning! Backpacks were bursting with delicious goodies and of course the odd rain jacket packed by the less optimistic parents!

The children boarded the bus and once on our way were heard to sing a rendition of The Wheels on the Bus amongst other favourites. There was some rain as we travelled but Mrs Fifield remained optimistic that the day would be dry. Parents were waiting for us and appeared as image  imageexcited as their children, we divided into two teams, Mrs Fifield team b and Mrs Short team a.

The fun was about to unfold, Mrs Shorts team headed for the tractor trailer ride whilst my team were off to meet the animals!



Wow what a range of animals team a met! Then we walked up the hill and down again to reach the play area.

image On our way up the hill.

A little play time before lunch.


image Up we go! imagethrough the rabbit warren.imageimageimageTaking a risk!

imageA future farmer in the making?imageimageimageimageimageimage

Where shall we go?

Lunch time was well earned.

image image


The he children behaved perfectly as they delved into their lunches and compared the contents with their friends.

An exciting tractor trailer ride to see the beautiful deer was our next event. The children were able to hand feed the deer and to hold an antler !

image image image image image We learnt all about the deer.image image image image imageFeeding the deer was amazing.

What an amazing day we had, I was proud to take 46 children to the farm and to see them showing everybody how well behaved they are, the Holme Grange Way certainly shone through.

A very special thank you to the band of 16 brave parents who came to help and to make our trip possible. I think there were 16 very tired parents, not to mention 46 exhausted children!