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Week of 22nd May

This week sees the last week on our topic Colours. They children have experienced various teacher led activities exploring colour in many different ways. This weeks focused learning activities have been…..

 to use the unifex to decide whether the children had chosen a light or dark colour and compared with their friends.

 To discuss the different colours animals are.

 The children enjoyed a wonderful story “What the ladybird heard next” which involved learning rhyming strings.

 The children all practised writing their name in the cursive style or worked on writing rhyming words.

  The children were focusing on their hemisphere writing  skills of certain letters remembering that all letters start from the grass.

 The children have learned about Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl.  The children looked at some of his best known work where he made use of rectangles and lines with bright colours of red, blue and yellow.



3D Shapes

The children enjoyed exploring with 3D shapes during our maths group time. We learnt that 3D shapes are solid and that the names of them are different to 2D shapes. The children then chose a shape to hold and learnt to count the edges, corners and faces on each shape.

image A cube…….image A triangular prism

image  image A sphere which the children found tricky to pronounce!

image A cone or as the children refered this shape to as an ice cream cone! Remember to quiz your children on this shape during the summer holidays.

image   A cuboid.. image Hexagonal prism.   image And a cylinder image Can you find any items at home that look like one of our 3D shapes?


Communication and language

Our topic this half of term is the continent Oceania. “No room for baby Roo”  was an ideal story for the children to listen to. The children enjoyed the story and were intrigued as different animals appeared out of the story sack. They learnt about the different types of animals you may find if you are ever lucky enough to visit Australia.

image Can you see which animals we learnt about?

image image The children were then able to use the story board to and characters to make their own story up.

Have you ever been to the other side of the world?

Looking after our rabbits

This week we are looking at why and how we take care of our nursery rabbits. We spoke about the home they live in, what they need for their hutches and what they like to eat and drink. We also talked about our trip to the farm that is happening this week and how we need to keep calm, no shouting or screaming when we visit and hold the animals as we do not want to scare the animals.

The children all enjoyed a cuddle with hoppy and either stroked or gave his beautiful soft fur a brush.

image imageimage image

image image

image image

Hoppy was a super star with the children, he sat very nicely and definitely showed the Holme Grange Way.

Do you have any pets at home?


Self portrait

The children have been working on creating their very own self portrait. They have different skin colour crayons and pencils to choose from along with coloured pencils to use for their hair, eyes, mouths and cheeks. A large mirror was put on the table for the children to use so they could look at themselves to help decide which colours were best to use.

Independence and enthusiasm was present as the children chatted to each other about what colour hair and eyes they had! The children learnt how similar and different they are from each other.

image imageimageimage “I have yellow hair”image  image  “I have green eyes”image image image “My hair is black”

Could you draw yourself?

Interactive Whiteboard

The children enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard this morning to mark make. The challenge was to write their name, cvc words or a sentence. The children understand that they needed to take turns as its only one person at a time using the board. Whilst the children waited patiently the children were busy writing their words on the hemisphere lined paper.

image  image image  image


image  image


image  image

Some super letter formation was going on, the children really enjoy using this tool to mark make.

What would you write on the interactive whiteboard?

Communication and language

The children have enjoyed listening to The Large Family stories during our communication activity. The children were able to listen to the story and maintain concentration. Lots of discussions happened throughout  the story and the children spoke how different and similar they are in relation to The Large Family.

image The children were able to tell me who the main characters were and recalled some of the events that happened in the story.

Which is your favourite story and why?



Outdoor learning

This week our outdoor learning is focused on using a roamer and how we program it to move. We spoke about which buttons we needed to press in the correct order, this was very tricky to remember the sequence but with a little help from each other we were able to make the roamer move. Each child chose their coloured pen, pressed the buttons, listened for the beeps and then watched the roamer draw lines.

image image Watching the roamer move…..

image image image image Great excitement  watching the roamer move!

image  image image

The children then wanted to make the roamer go in a straight line so they worked together to move the pieces of paper in a line and then took turns to make the roamer move all the way down the paper. Great curiosity and enthusiasm was on display.

image Can you ask the children which buttons they had to press to make the roamer move?