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Remembrance Day

As it was almost the time of year where we wear a poppy, some children got inquisitive asking questions like wh do people wear them.

So I found a children’s story book that tells the story of a big country which didn’t show the Holme grange way because they thought there way of life was the best. The children discussed what was the right choice saying the little country was doing the Holme grange way by being kind and friendly.


The he children had the opportunity to look through the book to talk about what was just read to them..

image  “The leader has a black hat” image ” the soldiers are wearing the same clothes as the others now” image

image  ” look they are dancing”   image


Rainbow Fish

CLL: Rainbow Fish to the rescue! This week for our CLL weekly small group activity, the nursery children listened to the story of Rainbow Fish and how he rescued a little green striped fish who was in danger of being trapped in the jaws of a Shark! Once again, quite few Holme Grange Learning habits were reinforced, particularly Courage, Empathy and Imagination. The children spoke of their own feelings and shared their thoughts on the parts of the story that made them happy or sad.

image image image image

imageFinally, some children cooperated and collaborated to make their very own ‘Rainbow Fish’ for our display board.

Handa’s surprise..story UTW

This week we have been looking at the different types of names of vegetables that other countries have.


the perfect story of Handa’s surprise helped the children with this.


image   Once we read through the story together, the children went through the book themselves and re-told the story in their own words.

The children took great care when turning the pages each taking it in turns.image


image What do you think happened?

Amelie  was asking some great questions. image “Who ate the banana?”


Jaiden ” I can see the giraffe eating the pineapple. ”


image  Can you name all of the fruits in the story?