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EAD traffic lights


This week the children created a traffic light, and had the opportunity to paint the colours in the correct order. The children painted paper plates then cut them in half, they then painted the colours in the order they thought was correct on a strip of paper and then stuck the paper plate halves on to the top and bottom of the paper strip.

This was helped by most of the children remembering the traffic light rhyme from previous group times


image      “I’ve nearly finished my painting”       image     The children were encouraged to hold the paint brushes like they would hold a pencil to help them with control how the paint.            image                            image      “My plate is a circle”.

image      “Red goes at the top for stop”.   image                                 image       The children was demonstrating good sharing by taking it in turns to do the painting with one colour and then passing it around.                             image “Green goes at the bottom because it means go!”

How can you make a traffic light?


This week the children are learning about light and dark colours, firstly they had to choose a colour and distinguish wether it was a light colour or a dark colour and put them into separate piles.

image   “Black is a dark colour”
“Rainbows are light colours and the sky in daytime is light” image

“The hoover in the home corner is a light colour” image
“This is a light orange, and white phones are light” image
image    ” the sun is ellow and its light”
” a black car is a dark colour” image

“red ladybirds are a bit light” image
image “when the clouds are white they are light but when it rains they are dark”

what things can you think of that are light or dark colours.

Sensory bottles

The hot topic of the day was science across the school. The children in Little Grange were young scientists and made water change colour! The challenge was to fill a water bottle up each to their own level, use some food colouring, place the lid on and give the bottle a shake! The children learnt words like volume, half full,full, empty, more, less, heavy and light.

image  image “This is awesome!”


image  image


The children had to then work together to decide how they would order the bottles from the fullest to the bottle with the least amount of water.

What do you think of our challenge?


Mark making creations

This week I asked the children what their favourite colour was and then to think of something that we could draw in that colour..

image  ” I’m using dark blue for the sea and light blue for the sky”   image
image ” I’m drawing a pool and a swing ”  image “I’m drawing a racetrack its black, what are you doing?”

Our favourite colours

This week the children have been contributing to their own special bar graph to capture their most favourite colours. The children have been colouring in a square with their own favourite colour and then the next task has been to match it up to the colour they thought it was most similar to on the graph and to stick it to that bar. Each day we have looked at the trend to see how many children like each colour and if there is a particular colour that is most popular amongst the children. The most popular colour so far this week has been red and the least popular colour has been yellow but there are still many children to add to the graph!

image image

image image

image image

image image

image image


What is your favourite colour?