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Week of 22nd May

This week sees the last week on our topic Colours. They children have experienced various teacher led activities exploring colour in many different ways. This weeks focused learning activities have been…..

 to use the unifex to decide whether the children had chosen a light or dark colour and compared with their friends.

 To discuss the different colours animals are.

 The children enjoyed a wonderful story “What the ladybird heard next” which involved learning rhyming strings.

 The children all practised writing their name in the cursive style or worked on writing rhyming words.

  The children were focusing on their hemisphere writing  skills of certain letters remembering that all letters start from the grass.

 The children have learned about Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl.  The children looked at some of his best known work where he made use of rectangles and lines with bright colours of red, blue and yellow.



Understanding the world

This week the children have been looking at what a community is. The children talked about where they live and then looked at pictures of different places they may have been to with their family. The children showed great listening skills and enjoyed listening to each other talk about their experiences.

image image

‘I went on a bus all the way to legoland and it went to the right place!’

‘My mummy and daddy took me to hospital when I hurt my chin.’

‘I went to the dentist and they looked at my teeth and I get a sticker every time I go.’

‘My daddy went to the dentist and he had his tooth out.’

‘I’ve been to visit the fire station and I sat in a fire engine. You need a fire engine when there is a fire.’

‘You can call the police if someone is in trouble and the police look to see that children are wearing their seat belts in the car.’

‘I went on the train to London to see some fish.’

‘My daddy goes on the train to work in town.’

‘I went on the train at Thomas Land and it was really fun.’

‘We go shopping to Tesco and Wwaitrose and I help mummy push the trolley.’

‘I like going to the library to choose different books. I went with mummy and daddy and we read a book there.’

‘At the library you have to see the lady or man at the desk to get a book.’

‘In town I also go to the garden centre with mummy and it has a soft play area.’

‘I go to a restaurant with my family for tea, I like pizza express.’



What other places do you go to that your children might be able to tell you about?



Communication and Language

This week the children have been completing jigsaw puzzles of families from different countries. There has been lots of communication skills in use as the children talked about what they could see and the pieces they still needed. Once the four pictures were completed the children looked at each one closely , they were then asked if any of the families were similar to their own or how each one differed.

image image image image image image

There were some good observations made by the children, ” There are four people in my family and four in this one !” “Well my dad has blach hair and this man has black hair, but this is different hair it’s not straight”

I wonder what observations you would have made?


This week the children have been helping to create an ‘All about us’ graph. They have learnt about what a graph is and how it can show lots of different things for example, people’s favourite colour or how many children travel by car to school. Our ‘All about us’ graph represents how many girls and boys there are in Little Grange, different eye and hair colour of the children and how many people are in their family. The children were set the challenge to talk to each other about the colour of their hair and eyes and then to colour in pictures to show this before sticking them in the right place on the graph.

image image image image

image image image image image image image

After each group time, the children enjoyed talking about what they could see on the graph.

“Look there are 12 girls on the graph now.”

“Lots of boys and girls have brown and blue eyes but only 4 children have green eyes.”

“Lots of children have brown hair.”

Communication and language

This week the children have been talking about their own families and sharing their ideas and information with other children.

“I have one brother, one sister and mummy and daddy.”

“I live with my mummy, daddy, little brother and sometimes my grandma comes to stay.”

“My family live far away and we have to go on an aeroplane to see them.”

The children also looked at a book about families and talked with each other about the different families they could see in the pictures and linked them to their own.

“That family had 4 people in it like my family.”

“My family is small like that one as it’s just me and my mummy and daddy.”

The children enjoyed talking about their own families and hearing about others.


image image image


What Am I?

The children had the challenge of a magic bag full of differnt items. The items were made from a range of differnt materials to link in with our topic. The challenge was to select an item and to then describe what the object might be used for.

The children had to use their imagination and their communication and language skills to share their ideas.

image image image image image image imageIdeas included; ” I think you could flip pancakes with this” ” this is a tunnel for a train”  ” I think actually it’s for looking at things through.. See like this!” ” a butterfly catcher” ” you could make a bed for a little person”

i wonder what you would use these items for?

We’re going on a bear hunt

This week we did something really exciting in the garden. We all told the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ but only after the children had put the story together, in the right order, from different objects and materials we had gathered. We had ‘squelchy mud’, ‘snow’, ‘swishy swashy grass’, ‘a dark forest’, ‘a river’ and ‘a gloomy cave’ (with a very growly bear) and once we had the materials in the right order we took turns telling and acting out the story with our little dolls house people!  It what great fun and we didn’t get too muddy or cold outside playing with the materials although we all wanted many turns to tell the story!

What story can you think of that would be great to act out with our dolls house people?


image image image

image image image

image image  imageimage

Story telling

This week the children had a go at telling Miss Lipyeat a story with the help of a story sack. They looked through the story sack and found some puppets and different pictures and they were able to identify that the story was Jack and The Beanstalk. We talked about how a story has a start, a middle and an end and then the children showed lots of cooperation as they worked together to tell different parts of Jack and the Beanstalk.

“We watched it in the hall with the older children.”

“Jack lives with his mum.”

“Jack sells His cow daisy for magic beans.”

“The beans grown into a beanstalk where the giant lives.”

image image


image image

image image

Can they tell you another story?

The Christmas Story

The children have been helping to tell the Christian Christmas story this week by bringing the story to life with a puppet show.  This helped to engage the children and many willing volunteers stepped forward to get involved! We talked about who the baby might be in our story with some children recalling it was “baby Jesus” and some children replied “Mary” was Jesus’ mummy.  “They sleeped in a stable” was one child’s observation as we asked the children where Mary and Joseph stayed.  During the story the children broke out into some of the songs they are learning for the nativity, it was fantastic to see them making these links and great to see them knowing so many words!

image image image image

What part of the story can the children retell to you?