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Model animals.

This week we have been looking at how to make animals out of junk model materials or construction.image The children worked together and shared ideas and materials image image      image   The children used a various materials for a variety features.   image         image “I’ve made a snake”

image “Look at my snake it’s got a flat tummy”.      image “This is my

snail”.image   “This is my snake, he’s very fat”. image  “I’ve made a cow, he’s got blue eyes”  image  “This is my horse, it’s got pink hair”

image ” this is my tiger, I hve balls for eyes and string for his tail”.

image   “It’s a baby foal”

image   Here is one we all created together, what animal can you make?


This week the children have been working together to construct different models using sticklebricks. They demonstrated great teamwork and collaboration whilst sharing their ideas and working together. Of course, the children’s imaginations were very creative and we constructed everything from a colourful road to a bear house, to a princess house and even a nice birthday cake!

what would you make?

image image image image image image image image image image image image

Team Challenge

This week the children have been set a team challenge, to build a construction where everyone agrees on a plan. Once the plan has been agreed the children must work cooperatively with lots of communication and problem solving.

image image image image image

At first is was quite difficult as the children tried to agree on one plan ! Then came the challenge of working together and the differing of opinions. There were some construction problems and several times the building collapsed. In the true Holme Grange spirit they didn’t give up and the challenge was met!