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Making Easter nests

As Easter is approaching the children are interested who comes at Easter and what happens. We spoke about spring time and what happens in the spring. So the flowers grow and baby birds, rabbits etc are born. So we made chocolate Easter nests with a twist

The children identified the ingredients that we are using.

The children crushed and snapped into pieces, mixed the mixture, scooped the mixture into the cake cases and then added the ‘eggs’.  Can you name what we used each item for?

image  image  image   imageimageimageimage imageimageimageimage   “It looks like hay”   imageimage  image  image “It’s really hard to stir” imageimageimage “we’ve got to be careful not to drop any on the table”.
image  “What will we use for the eggs?”

image    What do you think we used?

What could you use as an alternative for chocolate eggs?

Cake Making

The children had lots of fun this morning baking their own cake for the cake sale tomorrow in aid of Our Lady of Nazareth School in Nairobi, Kenya. They used their maths skills to help weigh all the ingredients and explored what happened to the mixture as they added different ingredients resulting in exclamations of “it’s all gooey and sticky” and “it’s thick.”  The children developed their hand and arm muscles as they mixed the ingredients and all took turns beautifully. Perhaps we might have some chefs in the making?

image image image image image image image image image

Traffic Light Biscuits

The children have been making traffic light biscuits this week. They enjoyed using their fairy fingers to rub-in, showed some good control as they mixed the ingredients and loved cutting out their biscuits and adding fruit pastilles for the coloured lights.  We used our maths skills to work out how many holes we needed to cut for the lights. image image image image image image image

Healthy eating

Garden Salad: Our cooking activity this time did not involve any cooking. Instead the children were given information about the importance of vegetables, particularly raw veg., in our diet. We are very lucky indeed to incorporate this with the importance of fresh produce as well, as Holme Grange has its own poly tunnel. So, we walked to the poly tunnel and picked up our lettuce. To say that the poly tunnel is just a stone’s throw away from LG is a bit of an exaggeration – I am sure most of us could throw a stone further! Unfortunately, the cucumbers and tomatoes were not yet ready; the children thoroughly enjoyed picking the lettuces, carrying them back to nursery and carefully washing them. Lettuce leaves were roughly torn, cucumbers were impressively chopped and tomatoes were squashed and chopped! They were all added to a large bowl and tossed. The salad was put in cartons for the children to take home. We then whisked up a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey, which we put in separate sandwich bags to be added to the salad just before eating.

Some of the feedback received was, ” I don’t know how it tasted, Mummy ate it all up!”  ” I only ate the cucumbers, I like cucumbers.” And this from a Mum, ” My boys had never been tempted to try lettuce before, but they brought it home, carefully mixed the dressing with the salad, ate it all up and said that they  enjoyed it!” – thank you Mrs. P.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image


This week the children have been making jam tarts. The children were able to name the different ingredients they thought they would need to use and got to work measuring and mixing them to make the pastry. They then rolled out the pastry and worked together to cut out the pastry cases. The children finished off their jam tarts by adding the main ingredient… the jam! Out of Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Apricot jam, Raspberry jam proved to be a favourite amongst our little grange cooks!

image image image image image image image image image image image image

What is your favourite flavour of jam?

Chinese vegetable stir fry cooking

image   The children looked at the different vegetables that we had to cook and then decided what ones they would like to cut up.

” I’m cutting the celery”image

I think if you could smell the smells in the kitchen whilst cooking you would be very hungry, they all done such a great job..

image   Once the ‘boring part’ (waiting for the vegetables and noodles to cook) was done the children took turns to scoop the noodles and vegetables into a cup ready to take home.

image    What vegetables can you see inside?

image  “This smells yummy…look”

“Can I eat mine now?”   image

image    ” I have lots of vegetables on my noodles ”

“Is this small enough Mr Brombley?” image

image   We may have a few budding young chefs in our midsts

” I like the noodles but in my cup they will taste nice “image

image  ” the celery is green no I have lots of orange in mine ”

Some of the children was a bit funny about the smells of some of the ingredients but they all chose to put a few of each in their cooking.    image

image     ” what are the green things”