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Creating our family using different materials

This week in the messy room the children have been creating different people in their family or themselves using different materials. The children have been practising their cutting skills to cut out different materials such as, coloured paper, tissue paper, shiny paper and wool. Some children also chose to use coloured pencils and crayons to add faces. There was lots of creativity and individuality in full flow this morning.

What materials do you think you would choose to use?

image image image image image image

“I’ve made me wearing shorts and a top.”

image image

“That’s me, I’m wearing a hat.”          “I’ve made my daddy and used lots of wool for his hair.”

image image

“I’ve made my brother wearing a yellow top.”    “Look I’ve cut my bit of wool into a smiley face   for mine as I’m happy.”

image “It’s me wearing a hat and a bow in my hair.”

Painting Nursery Rhyme Pictures

This morning during our Art and Design group time the children painted some lovely pictures of their favourite nursery rhymes. We talked about different nursery rhymes we knew and then they chose which one was their favourite. They thought about the different coloured paints they would need to use for their pictures and what they were going to paint for their chosen nursery rhyme.

image image image image image image image image

'I like the grand old duke of York. That's the men climbing up the hill and then back down again.'

‘I like the grand old duke of York. That’s the men climbing up the hill and then back down again.’

'I've painted inch winch spider'

‘I’ve painted incy wincy spider’


'That's Jack up the hill'

‘That’s Jack up the hill’


Can you guess what nursery rhymes we have painted?





This week the children have been building their maths knowledge in a variety of ways. Some are securing their shapes where as a few are developing their knowledge of patterns or repeating patterns and how to make them as well as recognising them.

The children had a choice of designed hats to use the variety of shapes to create their patterns or design their own detailed hat.

They had a choice of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, stars and ovals in an array of diiferent colours.


image  ” it’s all sticky”.         image

image ” I have a star, diamond, circle, triangle and rectangle”  image image “I need this one now”  image “Look at mine, it’s all purple”  image  “I’m drawing my shapes”.   image

What shapes would you use? And could you make a repeating pattern?