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Dinosaur dig

This week we have been looking at how paleontologists find and excavate the dinosaur bones.

The children enjoyed being a paleontologist and digging up their very own dinosaur,

image                      image                                   image


image  “I can’t find his tail” image

image “I’ve found something!”  image

image  the children showing good team work and talking to each other about what dinosaurs they can find.

image “My stegosaurus has spots on”

image “His tail is pointy and has sharp teeth”

image “Mine looks like a dragon”    image

image ” I have a T.Rex”

image “Mine is a diplodocus, he has a long neck”  image   “Mine is grey”image ” I have the bones”




Mark making

Linking with our dinosaur topic, this week the children have taken on the challenge of dinosaur colour by numbers! Firstly the children had to recognise what numbers were hiding in the pictures and then we linked them up with the colours we needed to use for each number. The children followed the instructions well and worked very hard on colouring in their picture, making sure they were using the right colours and continuing to perfect their tripod pencil grip. They were very proud of their colourful pictures!

image image

image image


image image


image image


image image


image image

image image image




Expressive arts and design

Stomp stomp stomp!

This week the children have been creating their own dinosaur footprints with the use of stamps. First though the children thought about different animal footprints and what they might look like; the size; the shape and features (such as a horseshoe) and, of course, the children explained that we also make footprints! The children then made lots of footprints using dinosaur foot shaped stamps and had fun both stamping prints in the sand and also on to paper using paint. We learnt a lot about comparisons – sizes, shape and features (some dinosaurs only had three toes!) and made some lovely footprint art as well.

image    image    image   image   image     image

image  image    image






Outdoor learning

This morning we had a rather enjoyable time outside. Swamps had arrived for the dinosaurs………





imageTrees were constructed for the swamps….


imageAnd non fiction books were used to look up dinosaurs



imageAnd great balancing on the feet to be dinosaurs!! “I’m a t-Rex!”

What else would a dinosaur swamp need?










EAD, Dinosaur masks

image Going on with our topic of dinosaurs, we made our very own dinosaur masks

The children had a choice of either using pens, pencils or collage materialsimage

image There was lots of discussion on who’s was the biggest dinosaur!

What do you think? What’s the biggest dinosaur you can think of?

The pterodactyl was the popular choice image

image Good pen control !!

we had some very colourful dinosaurs too..image

image What would you use or make a dinosaur mask?

We’re going on a dinosaur hunt!

Linking with our dinosaur topic this week the children went on a dinosaur hunt! They worked together to find the 9 different dinosaurs hidden in the outdoor area… well one may have stomped off inside! When the children found a dinosaur, they worked out which dinosaur it matched up to on their sheet, ticked it off and then quickly carried on the hunt for the others – but some were a lot more tricky to find!

Perhaps you have some dinosaurs hiding at home that you might not even know about! image

"I've found the pterodactyl."

“I’ve found the pterodactyl.”


"I've got them all!"

“I’ve got some more dinosaurs to find!”

"Look I've found one hiding on the box."

“Look I’ve found one hiding on the box.”


"I've got four more to find."

“I’ve got four more to find.”

image image image image

"Look I've found two dinosaurs!"

“Look I’ve found two dinosaurs!”

"I've found them all!"

“I’ve found them all!”