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Week of 22nd May

This week sees the last week on our topic Colours. They children have experienced various teacher led activities exploring colour in many different ways. This weeks focused learning activities have been…..

 to use the unifex to decide whether the children had chosen a light or dark colour and compared with their friends.

 To discuss the different colours animals are.

 The children enjoyed a wonderful story “What the ladybird heard next” which involved learning rhyming strings.

 The children all practised writing their name in the cursive style or worked on writing rhyming words.

  The children were focusing on their hemisphere writing  skills of certain letters remembering that all letters start from the grass.

 The children have learned about Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl.  The children looked at some of his best known work where he made use of rectangles and lines with bright colours of red, blue and yellow.



Creating lollipop people

This week the children had the task of thinking about how to create a member of their family using a lollipop stick, some glue and some shapes.

The children had done very well, the popular choice was mummy or daddy with a few others. Like sisters, brothers and even grandpa!

image     image  “I’ve made my brother and I’ve used a circle for his head”  image                                           image  “I’m making grandpa”  image  “I’m using this for my daddies fluffy hair!”                     image  ” I need a rectangle for my daddies top”  image    Creativity in full flow  image Discussing who each of their lollipop stick people that they have created.


Making Jack and Jill’s paper crowns

This week the children were asked who wears a paper crown? The children came up with a few different answers from kings, queens and jack who broke it when he fell down the hill. The children were asked to create a crown of which jack may have worn, then the children had to cut out the shape of their crowns using scissors. image” It’s a bit hard” image “this is tricky”.    image” I’m making a kings crown” image ” my crown is like a queens crown”   image “My crown has lots of jewels on it”  image ” this feels funny, it’s a bit bumpy”  image  image “I’m cutting out a zig zag”  image image ” my crown is like a queens crown”


Salt Dough Decorations

In our expressive art and design  activity this week the children have been learning how to twist or plait strands of dough. The first task was to form a ball by rolling the dough round and round in the palms of their hands. Second task was to roll the dough to form long sausages. The challenge then began when the children were asked to twist or plait their dough sausages!

Decorating their creations was a much easier task, the finished results looked fabulous!

image image image image image image imageH

Wait to find out what the final product will be!

Firework making

To start our new topic this half of term, celebrations and festivals, we are creating our very own fireworks. The children were given an empty cardboard tube and chose how to decorate it independently. Flames were added on the bottom of the firework and a cone shape for the top to complete it.

Independence and creativity were in full flow.





imageimage The children choose different materials and glitter to use to decorate.

What’s your favourite firework?


Mark making to music

this week the children listened to two different  pieces of music. As they listened they was asked to say what they thought of it and use the pens and paper to create a picture whilst moving to the rthym.

We had some interesting results in how the children set themselves for the drawing..

some chose to lay down, some chose to sit on their knees and some chose to move around


image                  image      “It’s slow”.    image           image “It sounds like a fast train” image                     image image                           image                     image


What at would you create when moving to fast or slow music?

EAD morning with reception


Mr Brombley’s group enjoyed disecting our pumpkin, then deciding on what our face should be like. Scary? Smiley? Happy? Sad?

what shape should the eyes be? The nose? And the mouth?  The children all had very good ideas but came to a majority decision of triangles for eyes, a circle for a nose and a rectangle for the mouth. However the mouth proved a good talking point as Esme reminded us “it needs teeth” so the shape had to change.

image           image  “It’s all gooey inside”     image image “What’s inside?”, image   “Ugggh yuk, it’s cold”     image  “There’s lots of seeds in here”.                image

image Our finished product

All of the children really enjoyed doing this and talking about Halloween, what they have dressed up as and doing there own pumpkins with mummy or daddy. It was really good to see that even though the reception children don’t work with the nursery children everyday that they all was showing how to be the Madagascar animals and for some… Being Dusty cropphopper and trying something new that may have been a little bit challenging for them.

so how will your pumpkin compare to ours? Scary or not?   The choice is yours!

Rainbow painting

Folllowing on with our topic on colours the children’s challenge this week in the messy room is to create their very own rainbow painting. We talk about how a rainbow is made and look at all the colours. The paint bottles are then placed in the correct order and the children paint their rainbows making sure all the time they are painting the colours in the right order.

image  image Indepence is in full flow.image  image Co-operation is in force as the children share the paint and take turns.


image   image image


image    image


Do do you like our rainbows? I think we have some budding artists in the making!


Colour Mixing

The children were amazed and delighted with the results of our Colour mixing activity. We used primary colours, red, blue and yellow .We then observed what happened when we mixed the red paint with yellow – “orange!” , red with blue – “purple!” And finally the one that causes the most excitement, yellow and blue – as if by magic……GREEN!!!imageimageimageimageimage