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Creating our family using different materials

This week in the messy room the children have been creating different people in their family or themselves using different materials. The children have been practising their cutting skills to cut out different materials such as, coloured paper, tissue paper, shiny paper and wool. Some children also chose to use coloured pencils and crayons to add faces. There was lots of creativity and individuality in full flow this morning.

What materials do you think you would choose to use?

image image image image image image

“I’ve made me wearing shorts and a top.”

image image

“That’s me, I’m wearing a hat.”          “I’ve made my daddy and used lots of wool for his hair.”

image image

“I’ve made my brother wearing a yellow top.”    “Look I’ve cut my bit of wool into a smiley face   for mine as I’m happy.”

image “It’s me wearing a hat and a bow in my hair.”


This week the children have been helping to create an ‘All about us’ graph. They have learnt about what a graph is and how it can show lots of different things for example, people’s favourite colour or how many children travel by car to school. Our ‘All about us’ graph represents how many girls and boys there are in Little Grange, different eye and hair colour of the children and how many people are in their family. The children were set the challenge to talk to each other about the colour of their hair and eyes and then to colour in pictures to show this before sticking them in the right place on the graph.

image image image image

image image image image image image image

After each group time, the children enjoyed talking about what they could see on the graph.

“Look there are 12 girls on the graph now.”

“Lots of boys and girls have brown and blue eyes but only 4 children have green eyes.”

“Lots of children have brown hair.”

Communication and language

This week the children have been talking about their own families and sharing their ideas and information with other children.

“I have one brother, one sister and mummy and daddy.”

“I live with my mummy, daddy, little brother and sometimes my grandma comes to stay.”

“My family live far away and we have to go on an aeroplane to see them.”

The children also looked at a book about families and talked with each other about the different families they could see in the pictures and linked them to their own.

“That family had 4 people in it like my family.”

“My family is small like that one as it’s just me and my mummy and daddy.”

The children enjoyed talking about their own families and hearing about others.


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