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Parents join us at forest school

This week the children had some special visitors at forest school, their parents! The children really enjoyed having their parents to join them at forest school to show them what they get up to. The parents sat back and watched as their children went to explore with the fun of taking a few risks before they went to join.

image image

image image

image image

There was lots of cooperation and collaboration on show as bits were being resourced to make rafts to see if they would float or sink in the stream.

image image

image image

image image

The buckets were used in different ways to collect water from the stream and there was lots of excitement when the chuldren poured the water on the bank to watch which way it would flow back to the stream.

image image

image image

Magnifying glasses were being used for mini beast hunts and a rather large slug was found hiding on a log!

image image

image image

Some parents even followed their children climbing up trees!

image image

The children were on the look out for dinosaurs when large foot prints were found around the forest school site. A purple dinosaur with orange spots was spotted!

image image

image image


Thank you very much to the parents for joining us at forest school, the children really enjoyed having you there and we hope you had a great time joining your children in all the exploring and risk taking they do!




Forest School

This week the children have had some very special visitors joining them at Forest School, their parents! The children thoroughly enjoyed taking the parents that could join us around the new Forest School site for the summer term, showing them how they assessed risks for themselves and how much fun they could have whilst at the same time keeping themselves safe! The children had great fun working out how to get into the stream independently, taking only one child to show the way by taking a risk and jumping in.  All the other children followed with parents closely behind! The children discovered different ways to climb in and out safely when the bank became slippery.





Some parents took the initiative to construct a raft with the children and they enjoyed exploring if the raft floated or sunk. They found out it floated best in the deeper water.


Other parents enjoyed helping some children look for bugs.

image image image

A great time was had by both parents and children! Thank you to those parents that were able to join us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

image image image


Keeping Cool at Forest School

we decided to embark on a learning session outside today to escape the heat. We headed off to the site at the bottom of the drive ready to undertake many different activities. The site has been extended into a wooded glade which many of the children were yet to explore.

image image image image image image image image

imageWe all love being at Forest School it is our favourite way to learn!



The heat is on ….at Forest school

image The children all wanted to do some drawing so we started our very first little grange fire!!!!!!! It was popular with a few of the children where as the others couldn’t wait for the charcoal to draw. image “Can I help put the sticks in please Mr Brombley?”

” and me too Mr Brombley?”image It was too tempting for them to just sit and watch.
image ” I can see the fire from here come on Harrison lets go, there is lots of smoke”
Tabitha and Alexander enjoyed going around the forest school site looking for a good drawing site! “Can I be an elephant please Mr Brombley”

Can I paint your face Mr Brombley?image image

image  image Trying out their charcoal!!!

image Let’s paint each other’s faces               image  “It tickles”

Forest School Fun!

This morning we wrapped up warm and  headed down to Forest school with buckets in tow! Oh what fun the children had using the buckets.

rsz_img_0505[1] “how do we get the water?”

rsz_img_0499[1] “my bucket is stuck!”

rsz_img_0501[1] Teamwork and collaboration were in full flow….pull!!!rsz_img_0508[1]

rsz_img_0502[1]“look at my magic potion!”

rsz_img_0517[1]rsz_img_0510[1] the swing was enjoyed


rsz_img_0516[1]rsz_img_0512[1]rsz_img_0513[1] as was climbing the trees.

A great forest school morning was had by all.

What would you like to do in Forest School?


Forest School fun!

On a wet, gloomy morning some of the children put on their forest School clothes and boots to set off for some woodland fun.

They had chosen to take some paper and a bag of assorted ropes with them for this session.

At forest school there were some creative uses of the paper, these included writing a list, drawing with sticks and mud ink and pressing leaves into the mud and then printing with them.

in another area of the wood a group of children had decided to tie up the trees using the ropes. there was plenty of cooperation and collaboration in operation.

IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0292 IMG_0294 IMG_0295

What would you have enjoyed?

Fun at Forest School

Little grange had a wonderful time at forest School this week. Dressed in their new forest School trousers they excitedly ventured down the secret path to our site.

“I think the Gruffalo might be here, he lives in the forest doesn’t he?”

DSCF0545 DSCF0549

taking a risk as we work out how to climb up high.





Co operation and collaboration as we work together.


Curiosity as we explore nature and discover that some things need careful handling.

I wonder what we will do next week?


Adventure at Forest School

On our way to Forest School this morning we stopped to see the ducks and chickens.

p1100241 (2) p1100242 (2)


Then on to Forest school for some adventure and exploration. We try to work out how to get water from the stream. Hmmmm…….

p1100244 (2)    rsz_p1100250

We made rafts out of sticks and tried floating them in the stream.

rsz_p1100274 rsz_p1100277

p1100271 (2)

Climbing trees is always fun.


rsz_p1100307 rsz_p1100319

We love exploring Forest Schools and don’t mind getting wet and muddy. We decided the best way to get water from the stream is to get in the stream ourselves.

p1100327 (2) p1100330 (2) p1100254 (2)

There are so many hands-on learning opportunities.

rsz_p1100283 “Look, I found a triangle.”

p1100321 (2) “I can build a house. It’s getting really tall.”

So much to explore….

rsz_p1100294  rsz_p1100261p1100323 (2)   rsz_p1100325  rsz_p1100340 rsz_p1100338

Time for reflection.


p1100343 (2) rsz_p1100345


New Forest School!

When we went down to the woods today we had a big surprise!

the children visited the old site many for the first time, the experience was amazing.

Here are some photos to give you an insight to our session.


Hide and seek ; “I’m counting you can go and hide then I am coming to find you!”


“Look I’ve made a t!”


“Look at us we are high!”

“This swings weeeeeeee”


“This Forest School is awesome!”DSCF0149

We are off to the jungle we need sticks to keep the animals away!

Would you like to come to Forest School?