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The heat is on ….at Forest school

image The children all wanted to do some drawing so we started our very first little grange fire!!!!!!! It was popular with a few of the children where as the others couldn’t wait for the charcoal to draw. image “Can I help put the sticks in please Mr Brombley?”

” and me too Mr Brombley?”image It was too tempting for them to just sit and watch.
image ” I can see the fire from here come on Harrison lets go, there is lots of smoke”
Tabitha and Alexander enjoyed going around the forest school site looking for a good drawing site! “Can I be an elephant please Mr Brombley”

Can I paint your face Mr Brombley?image image

image  image Trying out their charcoal!!!

image Let’s paint each other’s faces               image  “It tickles”

Sensory room exploration in LG.

Tabitha enjoyed playing along to the music in the sensory room on the xylophone image

Harrison used the magnetic box to explore what he could pick up. image

William enjoyed playing with the marbles and seeing how many he could had, whilst Arun was amazed by how the wheel kept changing direction.image

Bubble wrap fun image

Abi loved exploring the bubble wrap and listening to the noises it ,are when she popped them.. image