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Communication and language

The children have enjoyed listening to The Large Family stories during our communication activity. The children were able to listen to the story and maintain concentration. Lots of discussions happened throughout  the story and the children spoke how different and similar they are in relation to The Large Family.

image The children were able to tell me who the main characters were and recalled some of the events that happened in the story.

Which is your favourite story and why?



Afternoon trek around Holme Grange

This afternoon we went for a trek around our amazing grounds within the school. Mrs Short had the idea of going on a bear hunt but I was out numbered!! So we decided to visit the goats, Horatio and Goliath. They were happy to see some Little Grangers visit them.


We then wondered down to see the ducks and the chickens. The children took delight in feeding them!



imageimage We even had children interested in going into to see where the chickens live.

image image Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles!!

image A quick run across the field……..


Then an explore into the Willow Village.


image image Performances then started with a sing along on the stage!

Then we headed into the TLC hub for more fun and adventures.

image image Fun was had on the wooden see-saw, could they balance?

image image Great balancing was shown.

image image Rope swinging was a bit tricky….some managed well.

A great afternoon was had by all.

Nursery rhymes

Our communication and language activity this week will be focusing on singing some familiar nursery rhymes. The children are shown a picture that represents each rhyme and they then work out which rhyme it belongs to. We then sang each one and the children then decided which was their favourite or the rhyme they like best. Each child then wrote their name independently or with support and names are placed on the nursery rhyme board.

image  image


image   image

I wonder which nursery rhyme will be the most popular?

image  image

Which is your favourite nursery rhyme?



Thanksgiving Turkeys

To celebrate thanksgiving that takes place in America this week we are making thankful turkeys. The children have learned that its a national holiday that takes place and that we are thankful for the harvest. The children were encouraged to think of what they were thankful for. We had some lovely answers and some super turkey making.

imageimage image


image imageThe children wrote their words or had help onto the feathers that were then stuck to the back of the Turkey. Eyes were stuck on, beaks drawn and feet attached. Feel free to come in and see our beautiful thankful turkeys.


What are you thankful for?

Leaf Wreaths

We are talking about how the seasons change throughout the year and what happens to the leaves. The children are developing an understanding of growth and changes and can comment on what they see. The children have then produced lovely leaf wreaths using different colour leaves.

The children are very keen to hang their wreaths up when they take them home at Christmas.






What do you think of our wreaths?

Come and take a look, they are hanging up in the messy room.


Firework making

To start our new topic this half of term, celebrations and festivals, we are creating our very own fireworks. The children were given an empty cardboard tube and chose how to decorate it independently. Flames were added on the bottom of the firework and a cone shape for the top to complete it.

Independence and creativity were in full flow.





imageimage The children choose different materials and glitter to use to decorate.

What’s your favourite firework?


Understanding the World

This week we are focusing on how different modes of transports travel. The children are shown a selection of transport pictures and we discuss whether they travel by land, sea or in the air. The children then have to place the picture in the correct area according to how it travels.

image “I’ve been on a bus”

“I went to Greece on an aeroplane”

Which is your favourite mode of transport?


Outdoor learning

This morning we had a rather enjoyable time outside. Swamps had arrived for the dinosaurs………





imageTrees were constructed for the swamps….


imageAnd non fiction books were used to look up dinosaurs



imageAnd great balancing on the feet to be dinosaurs!! “I’m a t-Rex!”

What else would a dinosaur swamp need?










Sensory room exploration in LG.

Tabitha enjoyed playing along to the music in the sensory room on the xylophone image

Harrison used the magnetic box to explore what he could pick up. image

William enjoyed playing with the marbles and seeing how many he could had, whilst Arun was amazed by how the wheel kept changing direction.image

Bubble wrap fun image

Abi loved exploring the bubble wrap and listening to the noises it ,are when she popped them.. image