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Week of 22nd May

This week sees the last week on our topic Colours. They children have experienced various teacher led activities exploring colour in many different ways. This weeks focused learning activities have been…..

 to use the unifex to decide whether the children had chosen a light or dark colour and compared with their friends.

 To discuss the different colours animals are.

 The children enjoyed a wonderful story “What the ladybird heard next” which involved learning rhyming strings.

 The children all practised writing their name in the cursive style or worked on writing rhyming words.

  The children were focusing on their hemisphere writing  skills of certain letters remembering that all letters start from the grass.

 The children have learned about Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl.  The children looked at some of his best known work where he made use of rectangles and lines with bright colours of red, blue and yellow.



My family list

This week in the transition room the children have been practising their writing skills by creating a list of the people in their immediate family. The children rose to the challenge, showing great courage, self belief and resilience as they tried their best self to write some unfamiliar letters. Some children were able to complete their list independently using their phonic knowledge whilst some children copied or traced over the tricky words but wrote their name independently.  Our children just starting to mark make enjoyed themselves making big circles, wavy lines or pictures on large pieces of paper, helping to develop their motor skills for mark making.

image image image image

What other list can the children write?


We are concentrating on mark making and holding pencils and pens correctly. The children moving to Reception are working hard on their cursive writing. Here are the children focusing on the formation of the letters in their names.



We are looking very grown up sitting at the tables in the Transition classroom!

what can you write?

For our Litercy outdoor activity this week, we gave everything that didn’t move,outdoors, a fresh coat of paint.

For this we used water and added lots of different coloured paints.

There was magic involved here,as the colours of the ‘paints’ we added were invisible! The children were very enthusiastic and

everything looked clean and fresh at the end of our session!