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Interactive Whiteboard

The children enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard this morning to mark make. The challenge was to write their name, cvc words or a sentence. The children understand that they needed to take turns as its only one person at a time using the board. Whilst the children waited patiently the children were busy writing their words on the hemisphere lined paper.

image  image image  image


image  image


image  image

Some super letter formation was going on, the children really enjoy using this tool to mark make.

What would you write on the interactive whiteboard?

Nursery rhymes

Our communication and language activity this week will be focusing on singing some familiar nursery rhymes. The children are shown a picture that represents each rhyme and they then work out which rhyme it belongs to. We then sang each one and the children then decided which was their favourite or the rhyme they like best. Each child then wrote their name independently or with support and names are placed on the nursery rhyme board.

image  image


image   image

I wonder which nursery rhyme will be the most popular?

image  image

Which is your favourite nursery rhyme?



Pantomime time!!

The children in Little Grange right through to year 4 were super lucky this afternoon to watch Jack and the Beanstalk. We spoke about what a pantomime was before we arrived as this may of been a first for some of the children. The children sat beautifully in anticipation.



imageimage The stage was set, audience ready……



imageimageimage He’s behind you………oh no he’s not……

The children joined in with the clapping, singing and a dance at the end.

A very big thank you to the PAA for funding the pantomime.

Are re you going to the theatre this Christmas holidays?


This week in nursery the children have been writing a very special message for a certain Sunday coming up.

The children have worked hard on their pencil control to form letters.





What could they be writing?


This week for their literacy group time, the children were shown a short clip of the origins of Thanksgiving celebrations in North America, as told by the Plymouth Rock! They then coloured in pictures of turkeys and pilgrims. When asked if they had ever visited or heard of America, I got some interesting answers:

“I saw America on my map. It is huge.”


“I saw it on my iPad map.”





” I heard an echo there.”

“I went there yesterday with my mummy and daddy.”

“My mummy telled me because my mummy knows about all countries…..but my mummy doesn’t know about Australia.”

” I know about Australia – there are lots of sharks there and the sharks eat all the rubbish.”

And so we moved from one continent to another!



Story Telling

Some of the children have enjoyed making up stories about winter today.With the use of some visual aids this is the story a group of children made up.

“One day it was snowing and a little boy looked out of the window. He got dressed, he went outside to make a snowman. He made a ball with his hands a body too. Then the boy went and got 5 stones for his eyes and buttons and a carrot for a nose. He was a bit cold and he had a hat and scarf.

They went for a fly and for an adventure over the mountains and saw penguins they did. They had a party with lots of snowmen then they fly to England and played with lots of toys. Then they had to go to the penguins. The boy was warm and lovely, he was a good boy. Then they went back.

In the morning the snowman had melted the boy was sad.

IMG_0340 IMG_0341 IMG_0343 IMG_0344

Later on some of the children made their own story books.

I hope you enjoyed their story!

Writing a Message

this week the children have been learning to use marks and letters to write a message in a greetings card.

This activity supports pencil grip and control skills in conjunction with explaining that letters make words and words carry meaning.

Some children were able to write their message independently asking for words that they needed help spelling but sounding out the majority of the words independently.

Many children used a pencil effectively to trace their message demonstrating good pencil skills.

IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312

I wonder if you can write a message?