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Mark Making

this week the children are working in the Transition Classroom on their cursive writing. For some children the focus is on perfecting the writing of their names before moving to Reception . Some children are extending their writing skills to writing sentences and using their phonic knowledge to spell words.

image image imageimage

Can you see our super cursive writing skills?

Interactive Whiteboard

The children enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard this morning to mark make. The challenge was to write their name, cvc words or a sentence. The children understand that they needed to take turns as its only one person at a time using the board. Whilst the children waited patiently the children were busy writing their words on the hemisphere lined paper.

image  image image  image


image  image


image  image

Some super letter formation was going on, the children really enjoy using this tool to mark make.

What would you write on the interactive whiteboard?


This week the children have been helping to create an ‘All about us’ graph. They have learnt about what a graph is and how it can show lots of different things for example, people’s favourite colour or how many children travel by car to school. Our ‘All about us’ graph represents how many girls and boys there are in Little Grange, different eye and hair colour of the children and how many people are in their family. The children were set the challenge to talk to each other about the colour of their hair and eyes and then to colour in pictures to show this before sticking them in the right place on the graph.

image image image image

image image image image image image image

After each group time, the children enjoyed talking about what they could see on the graph.

“Look there are 12 girls on the graph now.”

“Lots of boys and girls have brown and blue eyes but only 4 children have green eyes.”

“Lots of children have brown hair.”

Mark making to music

This morning for group time the children listened to different types of music and did some drawing whilst they listened. The children thought about the pace of the music and were able to identify which piece was fast and which piece of music was slow. They chose whether to use crayons or coloured pencils and were able to tell me that they were drawing different patterns or marks when they heard a faster song.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Could you choose a piece of music to draw to?

Interactive Whiteboard learning

This afternoon a small group of children and Mrs Short learnt how to write, draw, erase and use different tools on the interactive whiteboard to mark make. The whiteboard is a great tool for the children. The board can be moved to the children’s height so they can interact with all the appropriate buttons to use. Delight was apparent as they used the board. They could use the whiteboard pens to write or use their own finger. Both were tested out along with various colours and patterns that we found.






imageimage We drew shapes, wrote our names and experimented with different colours and patterns. The rubber also proved to be popular!

What would you create on a whiteboard?

Thanksgiving Turkeys

To celebrate thanksgiving that takes place in America this week we are making thankful turkeys. The children have learned that its a national holiday that takes place and that we are thankful for the harvest. The children were encouraged to think of what they were thankful for. We had some lovely answers and some super turkey making.

imageimage image


image imageThe children wrote their words or had help onto the feathers that were then stuck to the back of the Turkey. Eyes were stuck on, beaks drawn and feet attached. Feel free to come in and see our beautiful thankful turkeys.


What are you thankful for?

Firework Pictures

Linking in with our new topic “festivals” the children have been using their mark making skills to create their own firework display pictures.  The children were encouraged to make firework drawings using straight lines to create rockets flying into the night sky, a tight circular pattern to represent a Catherine wheel and corkscrew lines to represent fireworks whizzing up into the sky.  All these pencil movements are needed for good letter formation and this activity allows the children to practice these skills in a fun way.  Where else can you create your own firework display by mark making?





Little Grange Car Wash

Inspired by our transport theme, the children have been running their own car wash.  I was tempted to bring my car over from the car park as they were doing such a great job.  There were lots of smiles and giggles as the children had great fun washing the cars, encouraged to wash using big circular movements with the sponges and an up and down motion with the paintbrushes. As they played they worked at developing their muscles in their shoulders, arms and hands, essential for the development of mark making and writing skills.  Even reluctant mark makers could not help but get involved! Some children went on to explore mark making numbers or letters on the playground sheds.

imageimage image image image  image image

What else can the children find to wash or paint at home?

Mark making to music

this week the children listened to two different  pieces of music. As they listened they was asked to say what they thought of it and use the pens and paper to create a picture whilst moving to the rthym.

We had some interesting results in how the children set themselves for the drawing..

some chose to lay down, some chose to sit on their knees and some chose to move around


image                  image      “It’s slow”.    image           image “It sounds like a fast train” image                     image image                           image                     image


What at would you create when moving to fast or slow music?