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This week in nursery the children are focusing on recognising numerals to create a colourful caterpillar. The object is to recognise the numeral and stick down the correct number of circles to form a caterpillar. The children have been using language such as longer and shorter and comparing which caterpillar has the most circles.

rsz_img_0496[1]rsz_img_0495[1]rsz_img_0491[1]rsz_img_0493[1]rsz_img_0494[1]rsz_img_0490[1]rsz_img_0526[1] What do you think of our maths activity?


The children have been learning how to compare and record  numerical data in their focused mathematical activity. The children thought about why we use numerals before selecting their favourite fruit or vegetables.

The problem was how to show how many children liked different fruits? The decision made was to sort the fruits according to type… great idea!




The he children worked together to create a bar graph and then talked about what they observed.

Can you see which fruits were most popular?