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Fun with Numicon

This week the children have had a great time investigating the Numicon tiles. They explored how to make shapes and patterns before finding out the value of each tile. Some of the children used pegs to work out the value of the tiles whilst others explored how to make number bond sums.

image image image image image image

How would you have used the tiles?

Measuring feet

This week our focused maths group activity is related to measuring our feet. The children drew around a foot and then used the unifix to measure how long their foot is. They then counted how many unifix they used and then stuck the correct amount of squares on.




Indpendent work was in full swing. The children then wrote their names on and the number of unifix they counted.

How many unifix would you need to measure your foot?


This week the children were challenged to use their addition and subtraction knowledge to play the ‘speckled frog game’.

image ” I rolled a five”   image The children took it in turns to roll the dice

image  “I’ve got six speckles”   image    Once the children had rolled they had to recognise the number on the dice and use their fingers to make little balls of playdough for the frogs speckles.  image   We went around twice adding the speckles up at the end.     image
image  The children then rolled the dice again and took away that amount of ‘speckles’ but they had to work out what they had left before removing the them by using the number line to help
image “It’s a bit tricky rolling the playdough into balls”   image  “I have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 speckles” image “I’ve rolled a three, which means I have 1 left”.



Maths Activity: For our Maths activity this week, we were meant to link in with last week’s Communication and Language activity – ‘Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs’. We were set to count the dinosaurs in Harry’s bucket. However, much to our disappointment, the bucket was empty! The dinosaurs had vanished, or so we thought. There was a suggestion that they might still be in the bucket but they could be invisible. Not surprising, considering  we have a couple of witches and lots of wands on our ‘sound of the week’ (w) table! Nevertheless, the activity had to carry on, so we improvised and the children looked through our ‘sorting toys’ tray to find some very colourful dinosaurs.

Once they were satisfied that every available dinosaur had been found and placed in the centre of the table, the children counted them. They then had to work together as a team to match dinosaurs to corresponding numbers. One of HG’s learning habits – Cooperation  and Collaboration  – was very much on display. At the end of our activity yesterday, one of our little girls put her hand up and said ” I am so sorry the dinosaurs have gone Mrs de Souza, please don’t be sad.” Yet another HG learning habit – Empathy. Who could ask for more?!!




‘Counting’ rhymes

This  week in their Maths group activity, the children sang and acted out rhymes and songs that involved counting numbers in ascending and descending order. We started out with the children visiting an ‘bakery’, handing over a penny and buying a currant bun while singing ‘Five currant buns’. We then sang/acted out Five little Ducks’, ‘One, two,three four five, once I caught a fish alive’ and the ‘bakery’ got converted to a ‘Greengrocer’s’ where the children once again handed over a coin and bought an apple with a number on it. They then worked as a team to arrange the numbered apples in the right order.imageimageimageimage