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3D Shapes

The children enjoyed exploring with 3D shapes during our maths group time. We learnt that 3D shapes are solid and that the names of them are different to 2D shapes. The children then chose a shape to hold and learnt to count the edges, corners and faces on each shape.

image A cube…….image A triangular prism

image  image A sphere which the children found tricky to pronounce!

image A cone or as the children refered this shape to as an ice cream cone! Remember to quiz your children on this shape during the summer holidays.

image   A cuboid.. image Hexagonal prism.   image And a cylinder image Can you find any items at home that look like one of our 3D shapes?


UTW Oceania

This week during group time the children were looking at similarities and the differences between Australia and the U.K. It was a little challenging as some children had different ideas of what was in Australia. Eventually they worked together and discussed what animals could be found in Australia and if they look like any animal we have  here in the UK.

image     The children spoke about what buildings Australia may have.   image  A couple of children tried to work out what the time would be using clocks after having been explained how many hours Australia are ahead of the U.K.   image  Once the children had worked out the time they then moved on to the animals. However the children found a kookaburra a strange but ‘very funny bird as it sounds like it’s laughing!’

There were a few similarities and a lot of differences between the two countries that the children could find.

How many do you know? Do you know the time difference or the Australian current season?

Creating lollipop people

This week the children had the task of thinking about how to create a member of their family using a lollipop stick, some glue and some shapes.

The children had done very well, the popular choice was mummy or daddy with a few others. Like sisters, brothers and even grandpa!

image     image  “I’ve made my brother and I’ve used a circle for his head”  image                                           image  “I’m making grandpa”  image  “I’m using this for my daddies fluffy hair!”                     image  ” I need a rectangle for my daddies top”  image    Creativity in full flow  image Discussing who each of their lollipop stick people that they have created.


Easter themed maths

This week the children have been doing some Easter themed maths. They have been set the challenge to see if they can choose more than one numicon piece to make the number on their Easter egg. Some children firstly picked the one numicon piece that represented the number on the egg and then used it to help them work out the other numicon pieces they could fit on top of the original numicon piece. Other children also experimented with using 3 piece of numicon to make their number.

image  image

image image

image  image image




2D shapes

This week our focused maths activity was based on constructing 2D shapes using coloured lolly pop sticks. The children were most enthuastic and took pride in creating different shapes. We then spoke about edges and corners and the children were encouraged to count them.




image image Squares, triangles, rectangles and even a hexagon was created.

Which shape could you make?

5 little ducks

This week for maths group time the children have been singing the nursery rhyme 5 little ducks. As they have been singing the song they have been recording the sums on their whiteboards. This has helped the children to understand the concept of taking one or more away each time and counting down.

image image image image image image image

5 Currant Buns

This week our focused group time in maths is to sing and act out the traditional nursey rhyme 5 currant buns. This helps with shape, money concepts and vocabulary relating to takeaway.

image The children took turns to have a penny and buy a currant bun from the baker.


image Homemade currant buns!!! Not safe for eating though!!!

What other nursery rhyme do you know that has numbers in it?





This week the children have been building their maths knowledge in a variety of ways. Some are securing their shapes where as a few are developing their knowledge of patterns or repeating patterns and how to make them as well as recognising them.

The children had a choice of designed hats to use the variety of shapes to create their patterns or design their own detailed hat.

They had a choice of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, stars and ovals in an array of diiferent colours.


image  ” it’s all sticky”.         image

image ” I have a star, diamond, circle, triangle and rectangle”  image image “I need this one now”  image “Look at mine, it’s all purple”  image  “I’m drawing my shapes”.   image

What shapes would you use? And could you make a repeating pattern?

Number Fun

This week the children are counting, tallying and recognising number patters. Using the Numicon pegs the children have worked to discover how many of each picture they can identify and mark on their picture mat.

Once the items have been identified the children have to count the pegs and then select the corresponding piece of Numicon.

Some of the children were then challenged to compare values by each counting a different picture using the pegs and then finding the correct piece of Numicon.

image image image image image Our counting skills are improving !

Transport pictures

This week in our focus group time the children are being challenged to create a transport picture using different sized shapes.

IMG_1768 IMG_1769 working hard…..

IMG_1770 “a racing car”

IMG_1771 “its a home car!”

IMG_1772 “a tractor”

IMG_1773 “a train car”

IMG_1774 “its a very long car”

IMG_1775 ” a big train”

IMG_1777“a roof car”

What shapes can you see?

What transport could you make using different shapes?