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Measuring feet

This week our focused maths group activity is related to measuring our feet. The children drew around a foot and then used the unifix to measure how long their foot is. They then counted how many unifix they used and then stuck the correct amount of squares on.




Indpendent work was in full swing. The children then wrote their names on and the number of unifix they counted.

How many unifix would you need to measure your foot?

Measuring Outside

This morning the children explored measuring using a variety of

imageimagesome chose blocks.


apparatus. Mathematical terminology was evident as the children used words such as bigger and smaller, longer and not so big. With a little careful modelling of the terms taller and shorter the children were soon comparing heights.

imageSome children chose to use bean bags.




Whilst a group of children worked co-operatively to build a tall tower. A little problem solving and risk taking was required to make this very tall tower.




It took 14 blocks to fill the bench 7 on each side.

what would you measure?





this week the children are measuring themselves and comparing their height against a dinosaur. There was lots of cooperation and communication as well as the use of comparative language today.





I think we need to eat lots of healty food to be as tall as a dinosaur!