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Communication and language

Our topic this half of term is the continent Oceania. “No room for baby Roo”  was an ideal story for the children to listen to. The children enjoyed the story and were intrigued as different animals appeared out of the story sack. They learnt about the different types of animals you may find if you are ever lucky enough to visit Australia.

image Can you see which animals we learnt about?

image image The children were then able to use the story board to and characters to make their own story up.

Have you ever been to the other side of the world?

UTW Oceania

This week during group time the children were looking at similarities and the differences between Australia and the U.K. It was a little challenging as some children had different ideas of what was in Australia. Eventually they worked together and discussed what animals could be found in Australia and if they look like any animal we have  here in the UK.

image     The children spoke about what buildings Australia may have.   image  A couple of children tried to work out what the time would be using clocks after having been explained how many hours Australia are ahead of the U.K.   image  Once the children had worked out the time they then moved on to the animals. However the children found a kookaburra a strange but ‘very funny bird as it sounds like it’s laughing!’

There were a few similarities and a lot of differences between the two countries that the children could find.

How many do you know? Do you know the time difference or the Australian current season?