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Interactive Whiteboard

The children enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard this morning to mark make. The challenge was to write their name, cvc words or a sentence. The children understand that they needed to take turns as its only one person at a time using the board. Whilst the children waited patiently the children were busy writing their words on the hemisphere lined paper.

image  image image  image


image  image


image  image

Some super letter formation was going on, the children really enjoy using this tool to mark make.

What would you write on the interactive whiteboard?

Mark making – pencil control

This week the children have been doing dot to dots and finding out what modes of transport they have made by joining all the dots! All the children have been concentrating on trying to hold their pencil properly and they have been able to tell me that when you do dot to dots you have to follow the numbers in the right order!

Can you see what modes of transport they have made?

image image image image image image image image image image

Transition room writing

This week the children have been practicing the letter formation of Harriet the cow letters.

First they all had to remind themselves of what Harriet says and how she stands on the grass and stretches up tall past the clouds, to the sky and back down to the grass again. image

“this is very tricky” image


The children was showing great interest in being Harriet the cow and making her noise, then after going over some simple yellow pens lines had a go at writing the letter themselves.

image “What letter are you doing now?”

great pencil grip….image


image “That’s in my name Mr Brombley”.


“I’m doing it Mr Brombley, look….”image