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Sensory bottles

The hot topic of the day was science across the school. The children in Little Grange were young scientists and made water change colour! The challenge was to fill a water bottle up each to their own level, use some food colouring, place the lid on and give the bottle a shake! The children learnt words like volume, half full,full, empty, more, less, heavy and light.

image  image “This is awesome!”


image  image


The children had to then work together to decide how they would order the bottles from the fullest to the bottle with the least amount of water.

What do you think of our challenge?


Sensory room exploration in LG.

Tabitha enjoyed playing along to the music in the sensory room on the xylophone image

Harrison used the magnetic box to explore what he could pick up. image

William enjoyed playing with the marbles and seeing how many he could had, whilst Arun was amazed by how the wheel kept changing direction.image

Bubble wrap fun image

Abi loved exploring the bubble wrap and listening to the noises it ,are when she popped them.. image