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Sensory room

This afternoon the children explored all the different sights, smells and sounds in the sensory room. The sensory room encourages children to touch a range of materials and describe what they feel and see.

The children were fascinated with the fish in the bubble lamp and watched as it changed colour “I like yellow!”

image  imageimage


“This smells like apples”

image  image image


“This tickles”

What could we add to our sensory room?




Sensory Room

This week in the sensory room we are using our sense of touch to feel the fruit and vegetables in the feely box. We have been working very hard to try and describe what we are feeling.

rsz_img_0315[1]rsz_img_0316[1] “it’s like an orange and its round, it could be apple?”

rsz_img_0317[1]rsz_img_0318[1] “soft, hard, banana!”

rsz_img_0320[1]“it’s squashy, it feels like soft”

rsz_img_0321[1]rsz_img_0322[1]“it has lots of green on it because it must be different”

rsz_img_0323[1]rsz_img_0325[1]“it feels heavy, circle” it was a mushroom

rsz_img_0327[1]“it’s cold, its squashy and it’s round”  out came a pear.


Sensory room exploration in LG.

Tabitha enjoyed playing along to the music in the sensory room on the xylophone image

Harrison used the magnetic box to explore what he could pick up. image

William enjoyed playing with the marbles and seeing how many he could had, whilst Arun was amazed by how the wheel kept changing direction.image

Bubble wrap fun image

Abi loved exploring the bubble wrap and listening to the noises it ,are when she popped them.. image