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Transport around school

This week for communication and language group time, the children are talking about different vehicles and transport they see around school. This morning we went for a walk around school to see what different (parked!) vehicles we could see. Whilst on our walk, we talked about what we had learnt with Mr Brombley about road safety and made sure we were looking and listening for any vehicles that might be about to move. We also spotted some road signs and some of the children were able to explain what they meant.

"It tells the cars how fast to go"

“It tells the cars how fast to go”.

"It's a yellow dumper truck and the builder use it"

“It’s a yellow dumper truck and the builders use it”

"It's a tractor that Bob uses"

“It’s a tractor that Bob uses” “Tractors are also on the farm”

"There are lots of cars, I come to school in a car"

“There are lots of cars, I come to school in a car”.  “Some children go on the school bus”



“It has big wheels and it’s red”

"It means there is a bump"

“It means there is a bump”

"We can also use scooters to move"

“We can also use scooters to move”

"Look there is a yellow digger building"

“Look there is a yellow digger building”



EAD traffic lights


This week the children created a traffic light, and had the opportunity to paint the colours in the correct order. The children painted paper plates then cut them in half, they then painted the colours in the order they thought was correct on a strip of paper and then stuck the paper plate halves on to the top and bottom of the paper strip.

This was helped by most of the children remembering the traffic light rhyme from previous group times


image      “I’ve nearly finished my painting”       image     The children were encouraged to hold the paint brushes like they would hold a pencil to help them with control how the paint.            image                            image      “My plate is a circle”.

image      “Red goes at the top for stop”.   image                                 image       The children was demonstrating good sharing by taking it in turns to do the painting with one colour and then passing it around.                             image “Green goes at the bottom because it means go!”

How can you make a traffic light?

Transport descriptions

This week we had to use our eyes and ears to describe what we could see or here. The children each had the opportunity to choose a piece of transport and describe what it looked like.


image Larna chose a car and said “it has 4 wheels, 1,2,3,4”. image “It has a big door and four wheels” .              image  “My aeroplane has wings”.

image  “My boat is black with red things and a shark on it”
image ” it’s red with a van roof, and has 4 wheels see…”


have a a go and see if you can guess what someone is describing or vice versa..